GGS Spotlight: Jeannine Trimboli


Updated March 2016

Note from Jeannine: "It was really an eye opener for me to go back and read this profile from two years ago. It's easy to lose perspective on how much I've changed and grown over time. It made me proud to see that the things I wanted to accomplish, as stated here in this GGS Spotlight, I have completely owned. Oh, and those unassisted chin ups I was still working on? I can now do four at a time! It was also eye opening to see photos of me from two years ago and to realize how much my body has changed. The work (and strength) really shows. Yes!"

jeaninetrimboli1-450x340Name:  Jeannine Trimboli
Age: 43
Location: Albany, NY

What does being a GGS mean to you?
It means living my life without fear, knowing what I want and going for it. It means being completely me all the time and no longer worrying what other people think. I've learned that it doesn't matter. We attract the people that are meant to be around us and everyone marches to a different drummer. It means leading by example. That includes my children, my clients, and anyone else I come in contact with, even if it's just for a moment.

It means always striving to break down stereotypes, looking for the best in everyone, and striving to help them bring it out.

How long have you been training?
I've been in the fitness industry over 20 years. I started lifting heavy in 2010, and in 2013 I started my journey into powerlifting. Haven't looked back since!

jeaninetrimboli2-350x375Favorite Lift:
Currently it's the squat. There's something about putting a lot of weight on my back and being able to move it. It makes me feel powerful and legitimately badass. It's seriously changed my life. When I first started training, every time I tackled a new PR, there was this fear I had to overcome. Could I do it? Would I get stuck in the hole? Now, I barely even think about it. For me, squatting has come to symbolize facing my fears (and crushing them).

Most memorable PR:
There have been so many but this past January I came within two pounds of my current squat goal of 200 pounds. This was the fourth powerlifting meet I competed in and I squatted 198.4 pounds, which is a 15-pound record for me. It felt so amazing! I am extremely excited for my next meet because I know that 200-pound squat is mine. It's quite addicting. It's also liberating because I know that I earned that PR with many hours of work and dedication.

Top 5 songs on your training playlist:
I don't listen to music while I train. I like to stay completely focused on my lifts. I like to be able to hear my breathing. It's like meditating for me. I just go into a zone.

jeaninetrimboli3-350x375Top 3 things you must have with you at the gym/in your gym bag:
Just 3? Not possible, ha!

1. Lifting shoes
2. Lifting belt
3. Squat sponge (for hip thrusts)
4. Knee sleeves
5. Wrist wraps
6. My lifting log
7. Magnetic weight plates (for smaller incremental jumps)
8. Ankle weights (For 3 lb increases when I bench. I just wrap them around the bar. Sometimes 5 lbs is a lot!)
9. Chalk

Most hilarious pick-up line you’ve heard at the gym:
I don't get hit on at the gym. It's pretty great. I know all the guys and we have great banter and mutual respect. My teenage son who now trains with me from time to time, has told me that I make really scary faces when I lift so maybe that's why? However, my teenage daughter once caught an older man staring at my butt and that was a bit funny/traumatic for her. So, maybe sometimes they are hitting on me and I'm not aware of it. I'm just there to lift!

jeaninetrimboli5-450x340Favorite post workout meal:
Two cups Special K protein cereal with one cup milk. Not because it's low in calories but because it's high in protein. And it's sweet and crunchy and because I love cereal. Oh yeah, and because carbs.

Favorite way to treat yourself:
Since I started powerlifting, I hired Charles Staley to be my coach. Best monthly investment I ever made in me. Oh yeah, and cute clothes. Anything that makes me feel feminine and fierce all at the same time.

Favorite quote:
"Often what we want is not what we need."

Not sure who said this. I got it from a yoga teacher some years back, and it has always stuck with me. These words have been my compass for rebuilding my life. It's the tough choices that bring us true happiness.

Favorite book:
How Georgia Became O'Keeffe: Lessons On The Art Of Living by Karen Karbo

What inspires and motivates you?
I've made it my mission to seek out and surround myself with exceptional people. For one, it keeps me humble. And two, it gives me inspiration to continue to work for all the things I want and the things I never thought I'd be able to do. The people around me are a constant reminder that if I work hard and stay honest, I am limitless.

Jeannine knows that the victory is that much sweeter when you've been through the struggle.

jeaninetrimboli6-450x340What does a typical day look like for you?
I'd probably be better at describing an atypical day. As a single mom of four, and running my own business, I'm never quite sure what curves will be thrown at me. Every day starts early, getting my kids up and to school. I often attend an early morning network event. Otherwise, I'll write content for my blog or website. I'm always looking to spread the word about my business and make new connections. After that, I'll have morning training sessions with my clients. Next, if it's a training day for me, I'll head to my favorite lifting gym and focus on me. Afternoons, I'm either taking my kids to appointments or to the gym, or handling administrative tasks for work. I try to spend a little time with my kids before I head out to train my evening clients. When I get home, I usually do a few chores, eat a bedtime snack, and I'm in bed as early as possible. I take my sleep seriously as being well rested keeps me on my A game.

jeaninetrimboli7-450x340What’s the coolest “side effect” you’ve noticed from lifting heavy?
Lifting has changed my life. I mean this. For the longest time, I had this feeling that there was a part of me still hidden, afraid to come out. Although I knew I was a strong person, I didn't always carry through in life as one would expect a strong person does. I still held some inner doubt. Lifting, powerlifting, helped to manifest all the characteristics I knew I had brewing under the surface, just waiting to unfold. At 43, I have the most zest for life that I have ever had. Lifting has made me a better coach, a better mother, a better professional, and a better all around person.My confidence is solid. I feel unstoppable.

Next training goal:
Over the next six months I am working with my coach, Charles, to build more overall strength and power. By the end of the summer I plan to start training for another powerlifting meet. My new goals are that 200-pound squat (or more), a 115-pound bench, and I want to get a double body weight deadlift in the books. I did pull a double bodyweight deadlift in Brooklyn last spring but the lift was called on a technicality (slight hitch at the thighs) so although I pulled it, it didn't count. Well, it counted for me! So, I'd like to nail that this fall.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?
Strong, Compassionate, Unbreakable

jeaninetrimboli8-450x340What do you want to say to other women who might be nervous to start lifting heavy?
Just start. Don't question it. Don't doubt your abilities. I have clients who started with me never having lifted a dumbbell in their life. Now, they are deadlifting, benching, back squatting, doing chin ups. They are so surprised at what they are capable of, but I am not. Because I've learned through my own journey that it's all about doing the work. If you put in the time and you're patient and attentive to doing things the right way, the process unfolds right before your eyes. I've yet to see someone get weaker from hard work! These skills are attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the time. And the positive effects these accomplishments will bring about in you as a person are endless, and valuable beyond measure.

If there is a little voice in the back of your head saying, "I think I'd like to try that," you really need to honor your desire and start.

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