Author: Alli McKee

Exercise Spotlight: Single-Leg Squat
Single-Leg Squats are one of my absolute favorite unilateral squat variations. However, a full Single-Leg Squat (also called a Pistol Squat) isn't an appropriate exercise for everyone, nor is it the right place to start for a beginner. Below I...
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The Deadlift: The Most Powerful Weapon In Your Lifting Arsenal
The deadlift is one of the most primitive, fundamental, full body exercises you can do. With zero momentum involved, you simply bend at the hips, sit your arse back, pick a dead weight up off the floor and put it...
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Design Yourself: A Guide to Program Design
I've spent many years following training programs. Coincidentally timed with this very post, I stopped back at my parents house over the weekend and dug out some of my old training folders, notebooks and binders. I could have spent hours...
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Turn Your World Upside Down
Handstands have been quite the unexpected teacher for me recently. A few years ago I began my growing interest and determination with calisthenics. I had been able to do pistol squats, pull ups, one arm push ups and other body...
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10 Ways to Train Your Core Without Crunches
Having a strong core is crucial to a balanced, resilient body, but strengthening your "core" is about a lot more than just doing traditional crunches. We like to think of the core as a cylinder: the abs and back are...
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On the Prowl: Practical Sled Training for Everyone
Maybe you think loading up a prowler or a sled is not for you? You might think sled training is too advanced or out of your reach. This post will help you see that anyone can use a sled and...
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