Author: Helen Kollias, PhD, CSCS

What REALLY Happens When Women Lose Their Period
Exercising everyday? Crushing your macros? Getting compliments on how “great” you look? You are the picture of health, and yet you haven’t had your period in nearly a year. How could this be? You’re doing everything right. You clearly are...
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The Truth About Alcohol and Breastfeeding
There’s a lot of confusing and conflicting information around mothers drinking alcohol and breastfeeding. Advice ranges from “Don’t drink at all; no amount of alcohol is safe for your baby!” to “Just follow the general guidelines that everyone should follow;...
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How Do Hormones Affect Hunger?
Way back in the 1920s, researchers confirmed something that women have known first-hand for a long time: We eat different amounts during different phases of our menstrual cycle. Maybe you've heard a friend or client (or yourself!) say something like,...
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