Author: Krista Rompolski, PhD

The Truth About Birth Control and Weight Gain
Google “Birth control AND....” and one of the top 3 suggestions, unsurprisingly, is weight gain. Weight gain has long been a belief and fear of women seeking contraception, partially due to its development history. When first formulated, contraceptives had larger...
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What Is Exercise Addiction and Dependence?
Note from GGS: We get a lot of questions regarding exercise addiction and dependence. "How do I know if I'm addicted to exercise?" "Why do I feel so guilty if I miss a training session?" "I HATE rest days! Do...
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The Truth About Carbs – How Many Should I Eat And Why?
In the previous article in this series, we discussed the research that showed no real difference between low calorie and low carbohydrate approaches to weight loss, but noted that low carb diets may naturally lead to a lower calorie intake....
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Making Sense Of Science: The Truth About Carbs - Part 2
In the first article in this series, I presented some basics on what carbohydrates are, the various types of carbohydrates in our diet, and how our bodies use carbohydrates for energy. This is, of course, probably not why you’re reading. If...
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Making Sense Of Science: The Truth About Carbs - Part 1
Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the three major macronutrients that the human body uses to create energy. It is easy to forget today that food is fuel, not just fun! What is a carbohydrate? Where do they come from? A carbohydrate, like...
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