Author: Elsbeth Vaino

6 Tips For Trainers Working With Older Clients
When I hear a trainer ask a question about training older clients, I ask how old is older. As a 46-year-old, I chuckle a bit when the answer is over 40. I still smiled a bit when Girls Gone Strong...
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Myths Wrecking Your Squat Technique
Squatting is both an exercise and a basic human movement. Whether you like squats or not, you probably do it multiple times every day. Odds are nobody has told you that your knees can’t go past your toes as you...
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4 Persistent Deadlift Myths That Are Holding You Back
Deadlifts are perhaps one of the best exercise you can do, not matter your age, size, or fitness level, and it pains me every time I hear someone say they don’t like to deadlift. It’s like they just said they...
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7 Best Core Exercises For Runners
Runners, like most athletes, are a particularly dedicated bunch who prioritize getting stronger and staying injury-free. Sure, sometimes they look at me and say, “You want me to do what?” — but they are usually up for anything in our...
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Are Deadlifts For Everyone? Here’s How to Make Them Work For You
I love deadlifts. My clients love deadlifts—all of them. Once, when I overheard a woman in my gym say that she didn’t like deadlifts, it made me so sad! Learning that she had small hands that made lifting the bar...
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Why Some People Must Squat Differently
The Internet provides us with so much amazing information about training (as well as some that is, well… not so great), and even allows us affordable access to excellent workouts created by many of the best trainers and coaches from...
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