Women and Stress: What Stress Looks Like
You know stress is bad - causing everything from heart attacks to grey hairs - but in our culture of busy-ness, stressed out is how most of us feel more often than not. What Stress Looks Like You probably have...
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The Law of First Bites
Moderation. It's just not my thing. Well, not inherently anyway. You see, I have an excessive personality, in pretty much every possible way. Take my television watching habits for example. I am not a "watch an hour a day" type...
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How Do I Know If I Have Food Sensitivities?
As an integrative provider who focuses on gut-related issues, I tend to see people who have been to multiple doctors without relief, so I bump into food sensitivity a lot.  The conversation often goes something like this: Me: “Do you...
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Digestion 101: 4 Tips For A Healthy Gut
Let’s face it: Digestion is hardly a sexy subject. It’s not something you’d drum up a conversation about at a cocktail party, “Hello, Melinda, how are you? I just can’t seem to get rid of this terrible gas. Do you...
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Do You Really Want That Cheat Day?
Years ago, when I was a slave to frequent feeding and calorie counting, I had a regularly scheduled Cheat Day. Sunday-Friday I consumed 1500 calories, broken down into six meals, with a 1:1 protein to carb ratio. I never strayed outside...
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Supplements Demystified!
Note: As you read this article, keep in mind that the quality of even the Best Nootropics can vary drastically from one brand to another.  I mention certain brands below because they are the ones that I trust. In the...
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Back To The Basics - Nutrition 101
“Carbs are evil, don’t eat them!” “You need carbs for energy! “ “Fat makes you fat!” “Good fats are good for you!” “Protein helps you lose weight!” “Too much protein is bad for your kidneys!” When reading information about how...
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