5 Awesome Glute Exercises You Aren’t Doing…YET
When it comes to exercise, all of us at Girls Gone Strong are advocates of the Minimum Effective Dose. We want to give you the biggest bang for your workout buck, and big movements such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, and...
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Why Some People Must Squat Differently
The Internet provides us with so much amazing information about training (as well as some that is, well… not so great), and even allows us affordable access to excellent workouts created by many of the best trainers and coaches from...
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How (And Why) You Need To Do Glute Bridges
I know, I know, I know—you're probably thinking, "Glute bridges? I know how to do glute bridges. What's so hard about glute bridges? Boooooring! What else you got?" Hear me out. A glute bridge is a simple, yet versatile exercise...
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Proper Core Training: How To Connect Your Core and Pelvic Floor
What does it mean to "integrate the core" or to "connect" your diaphragm and pelvic floor? What is a Connection Breath? Why is this so important? [tweetable]A strong, properly functioning core is the foundation to all healthy, pain-free movement. However,...
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One Weird Trick to Take Your Training to the Next Level
“One weird trick to lose stubborn belly fat!” You’ve all seen these ads pop up, annoyingly while reading an article or scrolling through your social media feeds, promising to hold the secret to getting lean or upping your credit score....
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Exercises to Avoid After a C-Section
As a new mom, adjusting to life with your new responsibilities and new schedules, you may be itching to start (or get back into) a fitness routine to carve out some me-time and reap the benefits of exercise. After having...
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Do Deep Squats Cause Knee Pain?
Chances are you've heard this warning before "Don't squat past parallel! Deep squats are bad for your knees!" If you have, maybe it's left you wondering whether you should heed it, or ignore it. After all, you ask, isn't the human...
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How To Do A Bent Press
I’m gonna be honest with you: There really aren’t too many movements that I don’t like to do in the gym with any toy I have at my disposal (barbells, Valslides, kettlebells, dumbbells, you name it). It’s often reminiscent of...
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Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell Windmill
Kettlebell Windmills are a beautiful expression of mobility, stability and strength. The windmill is an advanced exercise taught at the STRONGFIRST level II Kettlebell certification. Some specific cues and coaching tips will improve your success with the windmill significantly. “The windmill...
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