5 Exercises to Reduce Pregnancy Aches and Pains
Pregnancy usually brings with it a fair share of aches and pains. Whether it’s your hips, lower back, upper back and neck, it’s quite common to feel some discomfort as your little one grows. Luckily, though, there’s much we can...
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Secrets To Mastering The Deadlift: Part 2
If you've read the first article in our "Mastering The Deadlift" series, you already know how important it is to include deadlifts in your training program. They are a staple exercise regardless of whether your goal is to get stronger, leaner,...
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5 Best Exercises To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy
Preparing your body for pregnancy prior to or while trying to conceive (TTC) will be extremely beneficial for not only you, but your future babe as well. Developing healthy habits before you conceive can help to: Increase the likelihood of...
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Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell Swing
Hardstyle Kettlebell Swings are an extremely beneficial exercise when performed with proper technique. They develop powerful hips, strong posterior chain, and a solid core. As an added bonus, while building amazing strength and explosiveness, they are also one of the...
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Exercise Spotlight: Single-Leg Squat
Single-Leg Squats are one of my absolute favorite unilateral squat variations. However, a full Single-Leg Squat (also called a Pistol Squat) isn't an appropriate exercise for everyone, nor is it the right place to start for a beginner. Below I...
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Why Do Kettlebell Swings Hurt My Back?
We love kettlebell swings around here—and love hearing about how much you love them! What we don't love is hearing that some of you experience some back pain when you swing. I commonly see patients who have exercise-related low back...
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Secrets To Mastering the Deadlift: Part 1
No matter what your training goals are, whether you're interested in losing body fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, or being more athletic, deadlifts in some form should absolutely be a part of your regimen. Keep in mind that there are...
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My Butt Is Doing What? Squats and Butt Wink
Chances are you've come across the term "butt wink" if you've done any amount of fitness reading online in the last few years! This growing discussion has made a lot of people curious and interested to learn more, as they work on...
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The 3 Best Lower Body Strength Training Exercises in Pregnancy
Building and maintaining a strong lower body is important for many reasons during pregnancy, namely the fact that it will help support your pelvis and spine through your daily activities as your body weight increases. Climbing the stairs, walking to...
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