alli-prowler1-450x340Maybe you think loading up a prowler or a sled is not for you? You might think sled training is too advanced or out of your reach. This post will help you see that anyone can use a sled and achieve amazing results.

I’ve a bit of a conditioning junkie, and sled training ranks high among my favorite conditioning tools and workouts. Some days I utilize it as a finisher, while other days sled training is my entire training effort.

In the past, sled training was more commonly seen in Strongman competitions and training for athletes. Over the past several years, it has become more popular among the general fitness population because it's effective, fun, and versatile.

Sled training is easy to learn and apply, it’s safe for all levels, and it’s empowering to accomplish a killer sled challenge!

I fancy sled training for so many reasons, including the departure from reps, focusing instead on the basic task of getting from point A to point B. Whether with a training partner or on your own, sled training brings out the competitive side because really, who stops short of the finish line when you can actually see it just steps in front of you?!

Additional points in favor of sled training include:

One Tool, Many Applications

In addition to varying the distance, load, and intensity of your sled training, there is no shortage of movement patterns you can try. While the sled demands a total body effort, you can aim for more of an upper body, lower body, posterior or anterior emphasis. You can also vary the direction in which you move (forward, backward, laterally) as well as mixing up the tools for attachment (handles, a torso harness, or a waist belt, for example). All of the following movements can be mixed and matched for different sled training workouts.

Resisted Lateral Crossover Steps

Equipment For Your Sled Training

alli-nia-prowler-push-350x375Don't feel limited to begin sled training by your options here. Sleds can be purchased in a range of prices and designs. This prowler is less than $200, and this Low sled is less than $100. That's an awesome investment when you consider all the benefits and the versatility of sled training.

If you don’t have a sled or prowler, a heavy tire and attachments can do the trick just as well. Attachment options include handles, a torso harness or a waist belt (the latter two are great for those who are limited by their grip). Lastly, for additional fun, resistance, and challenge, add a friend!




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