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by women for women

WOW!  What a wonderful day yesterday was.
We are absolutely blown away at the response from you all regarding The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training  resource.  Check out what some of you had to say:
“Got it this am! Tonnes of info! Looks amazing.”  – Alison B.
“I have been strength training in the gym for over 1 1/2 years. I always loved it however I always felt like I was being inefficient. I was hoping for so long that you ladies would release something to help the struggle! You did!
I bought it as soon as I could yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon was in and out of the gym in an hour (HIIT included).
I am so excited to start my new journey- a journey where the relationship with myself, my food, and my exercise routine is healthy and for the long run. Thank you so much, it is so incredibly refreshing to have GGS as a resource out there in a world full of misinformation and crazy expectations about what it means to be a fit woman!” – Jennifer G. 

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“I just got it and I’m LOVING the vids!! I notice you always correct the pelvis position to have a neutral spine, helping yourself with the abs…Gosh, 27 years doing it wrong and complaining about my buttocks and the light appeared, thanks to you!” – Vero C.
“I just looked at the e-books! Amazing!! ! All I have to do now is wrap my head around the fact that I no longer have to spend 2 + hours in the gym!! Thank you so much!!!”  – Mary C.
“At first glance, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training Program looks great.  Great to see legit programming for the ladies!” – Kara M.

Designed with you in mind


Needless to say, people are pretty excited about it, especially those who were in our “Test Group” for the program.  Here’s what they had to say:

“I would highly recommend The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training because it is an amazing program with results! I feel and look stronger and am most importantly enjoying my workouts. I feel that this is the perfect step on my way to resistance training.  I did my workouts in about 30-45 mins and was able to get on with my day, which is what any busy woman needs.” – Anika Z. 
“Who is a good fit for The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training program?
Who ISN’T a good fit for The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training Program?! I have been lifting for over two decades, but there are women in the group who are brand new to training, and we’re all realizing results! There is enough variety and versatility in the program to fit every woman’s needs!”  – Glenda W.

“My energy level increased almost immediately. Strength increases were quick. I noticed aesthetic changes in my body by Week 4 – abs more defined; hips reducing and upper body changes – particularly shoulders and definition beginning to show in my arms (just below the shoulder).

I am almost 55 years old, post-menopausal – I developed an extra roll of fat just under my sternum which was a huge surprise – I normally carry abdominal fat below the navel only. After starting this program that extra roll has reduced immensely and is almost gone! I have always had obliques that show, but they are now more pronounced.” – Sharon T.

As you can see, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training is good for everything from teaching you proper form, to improving your strength and helping you burn body fat, all while keeping you safe and reducing your risk of injury!



Check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I do not belong to a gym I train at home, can I still use The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength?
A: Absolutely, the program was written to be adaptable to any training environment, so whether you train at a gym, at home or on the go there are workouts and exercise adaptations and substitutions you can do to get the same results. You’ll need a couple different sizes of kettlebells or dumbbells or a resistance band or two to make it work, but it’s very doable.
Q: I am not a beginner can I still use The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training?
A: Yes, you can. The program was created to lead people from beginner through intermediate and high level intermediate training phases. The programs available for people like you who are more “advanced” will be more than enough to keep you progressing.
Q: How long does the sale extend?
A: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training will be available at it’s discounted sale price for a few more days, after that it will be available for full price.
Q: What is the difference between the gold and platinum package?
A: The platinum package contains everything the gold package has, except we also ship you a physical DVD along with our full guide of printed manuals! It’s only available in the US right now due to the high shipping cost of the full package!
Q: What makes this different from other programs?
A: The philosophy behind The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training is to get you the maximum results with minimal time and effort on your part.  It’s about being strong, health, and fit — not running yourself into the ground in the name of exercise.
It also includes high quality HD videos on how to correctly perform all of the exercises, it lets you pick and choose and exercise routine that best fits YOUR life (not vice versa), and based on the work that we’ve done with thousands of women throughout our careers, and based on what YOU (The GGS Community) told us that you wanted.
Q: What is in the nutrition guide? 
Everything! :)
No seriously — Here are some of the topics Dr. Cass covers:  Tips for nutrition success, how to make sure your environment is supportive when starting a new plan, how many calories you should be eating, what your macronutrient breakdown should be (protein, carbs, fat), recommended protein, carb, fat, beverage, and sweetener recommendations, grocery list, organic vs. conventional and does it matter, a guide to meal replacement bars, all about FODMAPS, what medications can affect fat loss, how to maximize energy while maximizing fat loss, and more.
==============> Grab Your Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training TODAY! <—————–

  • Jennifer Gennaro

    Molly- I have been strength training in the gym for over 1 1/2 years. I always loved it however I always felt like I was being inefficient. I was hoping for so long that you ladies would release something to help the struggle! You did! I bought it as soon as I could yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon was in and out of the gym in an hour (HIIT included). I am so excited to start my new journey- a journey where the relationship with myself, my food, and my exercise routine is healthy and for the long run. Thank you so much, it is so incredibly refreshing to have GGS as a resource out there in a world full of misinformation and crazy expectations about what it means to be a fit woman!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Jennifer! We are so glad you love it! Thank you and keep us updated on your progress! Now excuse me while I snag this testimonial and publish it above. :)

  • CJ

    Love, love, love GGS! Question about the guide: Do you offer any 4 day a week upper/lower split programming? Thanks!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi CJ! Not in this program, as the purpose was a more Minimal Effective Dose Approach. Most of the plans start out as a 3 day a week full body split and transition to a push/pull/lower body you get stronger. However, it would be super easy to take the push/pull/lower and just repeat the lower body day with a couple of exercises subbed in/out (we offer a nice substitution list for each movement pattern). Hope you grab it. We think you’ll love it. :)

      • CJ

        Thanks for the reply and another question: I’ve been lifting heavy with progression for the past 6 months and am making huge gains in strength but almost nothing in size – if I’m interested in GAINING weight (lean mass preferred) is there advice in the program for me? I’m at 2500 calories most days and only weigh 112 lbs at 5’5″ so pretty much every “formula” I’ve come across for calculating calorie needs does not fit me :( Everyone assumes I eat nothing, or cardio away my day, when in fact I do almost no cardio and just lift 3-4 days a week. It would be nice to look as strong as my lifts! Thanks again!

        • Molly Galbraith

          Hi CJ! Frustrating, right? If you’re maintaining at 2500/day, I’d bump up to 2800-3000 and see what happens. We don’t have any meal plans with calorie levels that high, but they all can be adjusted as there is a ton of information on how to do that!

          You might also want to think about whether or not you experience digestive issues. Often issues like IBS can cause mal-absorption of food/nutrients, which can hinder weight gain.

          Just some thoughts!

          • CJ

            Thanks! I appreciate your mention of IBS, but I’ve never had any digestion issues (bloating/cramping/pain) and am very regular. I have heard this is a big issue that often goes overlooked for some! Guess I’ll just have to get the program and see what its all about :)

  • Pam

    Several questions:
    1) You discuss how to breath to brace your core by blowing out the air and bringing your rib cage down. Do you do this between each rep or breath normally after the initial set up? This is different than how I’ve been taught to take a deep breath and hold it in to brace my core during heavy lifts, so I’m a little confused.
    2) how long should each workout last approximately?
    3) I do CrossFit 3-4X/week so I already do a lot of strength, but have both hip and shoulder problems due to lack of mobility/stability. It seems like your program would compliment the lifting I’m already doing press, jerk, snatch, ohs, deadlift, front squat, back squat, etc. so I was going to do 2 days/week, but am worried this might be overdoing it. Thoughts?

    • Molly Galbraith

      Pam —

      1. Here are some links that explain this in much detail. You love them (so informative):

      2. With no dilly-dallying ;-) 45-55ish minutes with just lifting, 55-65 with HIIT.

      3. If you add this 2x a week, I’d go down to 2x a week with CF (at least until you get to feeling better/more mobile/stable.

      Another option is to do parts of our program before every CF workout (breathing, rolling, warm-up, etc)

      Hope this is helpful! :)

  • Vicki Duncan Pillers

    Is the Platinum package the only package that includes video instruction?

    • Molly Galbraith

      No Ma’am! They ALL include video instruction. Silver and Gold have links to watch the videos on your computer or tablet, and Platinum gives you those links as well as a physical DVD. :)

      You’ll love it!

  • Rachel

    Does the program allow substitutions for barbell squats and deadlifts? Degenerative disk disease problems. Thanks!!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Rachel – absolutely! We have 2-4 subs for every exercise category (squat/hinge/push/pull/etc). body weight squats, goblet squats, dumbbell front squats, RDL’s, Weighted Glute Bridges, Trap Bar DL’s … :)

      Hope this is helpful!

      • Rachel

        Sounds great! I also like single leg work, so if that is ok, this program would be good for me.

  • Julie Diaz

    Bought it yesterday and cant wait to get started. I am going through the videos right now. My only suggestion would be an index for the videos so I can easily skip to a specific move. Great job!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Such a good call! One other person suggested that and we love it! The exercise glossary should help too for quick recall once you’ve watched the video. They are in alphabetical order in the glossary (with the exception of the foam rolling and the warm-up)

    • Molly Galbraith

      Oh, and THANKS for the tip and thanks for buying! :) We appreciate you!

  • Brittany Moore

    I am very interested in your program and love your outlook. However, I am currently trying to get pregnant and want to do something that I can continue throughout pregnancy and still be safe. I had 2 miscarriages last year and I was running during those pregnancies, so I will NOT be running this time around, but really want to be the healthiest I can be and keep my muscles as strong as possible. Obviously I will talk to my doctor about any exercise I am doing, but I just wondered your thoughts on safety of this during pregnancy. THANK YOU!!!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Brittany! So sorry to hear about what you’ve been through!

      First and foremost, YES! ALWAYS consult your Doc, and definitely do some troubleshooting with a professional about why the miscarriages may have occurred. This program should be perfect for you to get/stay strong before and during pregnancy without over-stressing your system. I’d likely start with the level 1 program and work your way from there, always listening to your body the whole way, and I’d follow the “general health and wellness” cardio guidelines if you decide to implement cardio. :)

  • Alex

    Hi, how much does platinum package weigh? I would like this package but was just wondering how much it would cost me if my friend shipped it to me.

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Alex! I’m not 100% sure, but I have someone checking on it and will get back to you! :)

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Alex! It seems that it’s ~ 5 lbs. :)

  • Michmellyhou

    Do you have a sample video – even just a couple of minutes to do a quick preview?

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Michmellyhou! We don’t have any samples from the exact video, but here’s a video showing how I coach exercises on camera (Most of the vids for this are ~1 minute, so this goes a little more in depth, but you’ll get an idea of how thorough I am!)

      Enjoy! We really hope you snag the product. We know you’ll love it!

  • bucketbot

    How does your program compare to powerlifting programs like Starting Strength and 5/3/1? I love focusing on compound lifts and seeing those numbers increase :)

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi bucketbot!

      To be honest, it’s pretty different from SS, and 5/3/1, although it’s somewhat similar to 5/3/1 in that you start every workout with a large compound movement (squat, deadlift/hinge, press, pull variation) and follow that up with your accessory work, and each week you lower the reps and/or try to get more reps with the same weight depending on the set/rep scheme… and we are all about incremental improvements over a long period of time.

      Other than that, that’s where the similarities end (except we both believe in working on your weaknesses, lifting heavy things, and being awesome) :)

      To be honest, the reason I created this (partially) is because I see a lot of women get thrown under a bar before they’re ready, so this has more front squatting, trap bar work, KB and DB stuff, etc. HOWEVER — I think it’s a great complement to what you’re doing. When I did my last PL meet in 2009, I benched 148, squatted 237, and DL-ed 341, so I was decently strong.

      Then I went to see Mike Robertson in Indianapolis, and I could hardly do ANYTHING with great form. My glutes/hammies/abs were weak as a kitten, and so were my low traps.

      Fast forward to working with him for a while, and in the last 1-2 years, without much hard training, I’ve safety bar front squatted 245 for 3 and 165 for 26, back squatted 275, benched 165, and close grip benched 140 x 6, done DB bench press with 50 lb. DB’s for 20, and done Turkish Getups with an 80 lb KB.

      So long story short… you can get strong as hell without always hammering those lifts… and it can be nice to take a little break and switch things up (Your BB lifts may go down temporarily when you switch back because you’re out of practice/your groove, but you’ll quickly surpass where you were).

      Hope this helps!

  • Sandie Ashley

    Is this available for people in the United Kingdom?

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Sandie!

      We offer two different digital products which (obviously) you all can snag. Our product, however has SO MUCH AWESOME SWAG, that the physical product (the platinum offer) is insanely heavy and would cost like, a gazillion dollars to ship — so we had to say no to international shipping. So sorry.

      But PLEASE know that you can get the exact same product (just digital instead of physical) and you’ll save some dough! You just won’t get anything in the mail.

      Here’s a link:

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  • eig530

    Hi GGS. I love your website and resources. You have helped me scale back a ton of time in the gym and be more efficient with my workouts. So, thank you!

    My questions: I am interested in your new strength training guide. However, I own the Lean and Lovely program, and the Lift Weights Faster Program. How is this GGS program different? Also, is the Nutrition piece available separately?

    Thanks again!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Eig! I could have sworn I already replied to you about this, but I don’t see it anywhere!

      First off, both L&L and LWF are incredible resources. However, ours does vary a bit. Here’s what we include that’s different:

      – 90 Minutes of high definition video where I coach Alli McKee through 70 different exercises, and give extremely specific instructions on what to do and what not to do.

      – THREE 16 week programs for different ability levels.

      – CUTTING EDGE information on diaphragmatic breathing and how it can help you learn to use your anterior core properly and improve posture and keep you safe and also teach you to help you recover after your workout

      – Exercise Glossary with all 70+ exercises in alphabetical order for quick reference when you don’t want to watch the video

      – And yes, we have both a Nutrition Guide and separate Meal Plan available. – The Nutrition Guide is an 18 chapter nutrition manual (included in Gold and Platinum only) written by Dr. Cassandra Forsythe, PhD, RD about EVERYTHING nutrition-related

      Pretty cool stuff.

      We hope you snag it because we know you’ll love it. :)

      (and what you learn about breathing and exercise technique will make LWF and L&L even MORE effective in the future if you ever re-visit them)

  • AZCardinalsGirl

    I’m trying to decide between the silver and gold package. The only difference I see is the nutrition book. But I’m not sure I am willing to spend another $20 just for one item. Is that really the only difference?

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi AZ,

      Yes ma’am! It’s an extensive 18 chapter manual with topics ranging from: Tips for nutrition success, how to make sure your environment is supportive when starting a new plan, how many calories you should be eating, what your macronutrient breakdown should be (protein, carbs, fat), recommended protein, carb, fat, beverage, and sweetener recommendations, grocery list, organic vs. conventional and does it matter, a guide to meal replacement bars, all about FODMAPS, what medications can affect fat loss, how to maximize energy while maximizing fat loss. Totally worth it. :)

  • laggy

    Molly, I have a 14-year-old daughter who has scoliosis. Would it be appropriate to start her on a weight training program this early? She is fairly active (volleyball, track) and we’ve had her do a few barbell classes but never attempted real weight training with her. She has put on a few extra pounds (nothing serious) but I’d like to get her started on a healthy lifestyle as early as possible. What are your thoughts?

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Laggy!

      First and foremost, of course make sure she is under professional supervision in terms of her scoliosis. Depending on the severity that could be a PT, Ortho, etc, although it sounds like she is quite active right now.

      To answer your question, if/since she is cleared to exercise, strength training is great for her! Just like anyone else who is new to strength training, she needs to start off with just her body weight and learn movements first, so Level 1 of our program would be great for her.

      For more info on kids and strength training, check this out:

      Hope this helps!

  • Melanie Goodman Deal

    I was one of the lucky winners of this program, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it so far. I’m watching the videos and reading the material, and can’t wait to get started. I want all my friends to do this with me!

    • Molly Galbraith

      AWESOME! Yes, please tell everyone you know and help us spread good information. :)

      Thanks Melanie!

  • J.Hall

    Hello Ladies! Purchased the program a few days ago and Im having problems accessing the vidoes. I go to the https address and type in the code and my computer doesnt do anything,HELP!!! Also, I noticed that if you buy the program now you get an extra 4 and 4+ Level for free. Since I already purchased it will I also be getting it? I hope so! Cant wait to start this program and combine it with the LWF program that I have been doing already! Thanks for the great info!!! J. Hall

  • Svardkvinna

    Hi, I have just finished an awesome year with Precision Nutrition/Lean Eating. Now that I am a crazy weight trainer, I thought I’d get this to learn about all different kinds of training programs. So, if you know about Lean Eating, could you please advise me about what level I should be starting at? Thanks! -

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi Svardkvinna,

      We are familiar with LE’s nutrition, but not as familiar with their training programs, although if we had to guess, you could start at Level 2, and if something isn’t challenging, simply increase the weight a bit, or… if you needed to, you could just move to Level 3! :)

      • Svardkvinna

        Oh, my account problems seem to be solved, since I see my comment here! Well anyway, thanks for replying…can’t wait to get started!

  • ALP425

    Hi. I am interested in your program. However, I am unable to do HIIT due to medical conditions. Can I still use the program? What would the cardio recommendation be?? Thank you!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Hi! Yes, you can absolutely do the program. You would simply choose the cardio program with the least amount of HIIT recommended and you (I believe it’s the General Health and Wellness program and 1 day of HIIT is recommended) and either skip that day, or substitute some more Moderate Intensity Cardio or Low Intensity Cardio for that day.

      You’re going to love the program and if you don’t, there’s a 60 day Money Back Guarantee. :)

      Do you have any other questions?

  • Svardkvinna

    Hi, I’m going to start Level 3 Block 2 tomorrow. I see there are three different workouts, A, B, and C, so that would mean I’d only do each workout once a week now? Like Monday, workout A, Wednesday, workout B, Friday, workout C, then rotate them for the following weeks somehow? If that was stated in the manual I’ve missed it! Thanks!

    • Molly Galbraith

      Yes Ma’am! Each workout once a week now. The stronger you get, the more variety you can handle, and in fact, the more variety you need to keep making progress!

      How are you enjoying the program overall? What progress have you made in terms of gaining strength? Aesthetics? Health? Energy?

      • Svardkvinna

        I am loving it. I definitely feel the difference between the higher-volume work I was doing (which was very effective at the level I was!) and how this program is set up with its more strength-oriented exercises at the beginning. I think I am gradually getting harder, more defined (e.g., can see shoulder muscle striations) and although my health has already been good, my energy level is getting better also. This rocks!

  • jhall

    Hello ladies! I just finished my 16 weeks with The Modern Womans Guide To Strength Training and was wondering what next!!!! Do I go back to the beginning and start over? I really liked the program, feeling great, no injuries and the injuries I did have are all gone! I have also been adding the Lift Weights Faster exercizes in too. Keep up with the great information
    Just remembered that I never did get Level 4!!!!!!
    Jennifer Hall