Very Exciting Announcement (Details Inside!)

If you’ve seen our last two blog posts, you know we’ve been doing a video series on what’s wrong with most women’s training programs.

We’ve discussed several topics including:

- How inappropriate programs can wreak havoc on our hormones

- The special considerations that  have that must be taken into account when designing a woman’s program

- Our tendency to be hypermobile, and why that’s problematic

- 3 things we must do each workout to help prevent injury

- Why eating too little is actually preventing women from losing fat

- Why we are “running from a bear” all day long

- And much more…




In Video 3, we reveal the answer to ALL of these issues. Check it out here.

Oh, and keep in mind that JUST FOR WATCHING the video, you’re entered to win one of these amazing prizes:

- GGS Wardrobe $350 value

- One of 10 copies of  The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training

- One of 10 Girls Gone Strong Manifesto T-Shirts


Even better, if you like the video and want to share it, your name is entered to win AGAIN (and again and again and again as more people watch the video!)

So you’re helping get awesome information to women, helping Girls Gone Strong spread our message, and increasing your chances of winning cool stuff.  There’s no reason not to share!

==========> WATCH VIDEO 3 HERE <————–

Thanks!  And keep your eyes peeled for Tuesday!

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