GGS Spotlight: Allison Tenney Video

Rockin' Out Chin-ups
By Nia ShanksFebruary 29, 2016

GGS Spotlight Allison Tenney:

GGS Spotlight Allison Tenney was introduced to weight lifting through her career as a competitive soccer player. When she started her soccer-coaching career, she found herself in charge of the strength and conditioning for herDivision I Women’s College Soccer team. She realized how important strength training was to the women's physical preparation, and she became very interested in learning how it all fit together.  She wanted her athletes to be resilient and perform better on and off the soccer field so she did a lot of studying, received her CPT, and did lots of "experimenting" on herself. As a results, the injury rate of her team dropped, and their performance on the field improved so much that they made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament this past year.

Allison's love of strength training has given her the tools to make her athletes better, has opened doors professionally, and recently led her to launch her own training business.

She said her most exciting PR (personal record) to date was when she achieved her first pull-up, and her current goals include: 12 Pull-Ups (or Chin-Ups), 275 lb. deadlift, and getting her SFG certification.

You can learn more about Allison Tenney through her Girls Gone Strong spotlight interview.



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