Metabolic Workout

By Neghar FonooniMarch 1, 2016

Video Transcription: 

Molly: Hi guys Molly Galbraith here from Girls Gone here in Baltimore Maryland hanging out with my good friend Neghar Fonooni. We are getting ready to do a kettlebell workout in her backyard.

Neghar: Molly and I just took a look at a new e-book that just came out by Jason Ferruggia. It is 52 metabolic finishers, basically “cardio type” of workouts that you can do at your end of your workout or really at any time. They are really efficient and effective. So what we are going to do today, I am going to put Molly through one of my favorite metabolic finisher type workout.

M: Guys I have some limitations right now, I am having some back issues so I am going to be doing a little bit more basic version or beginner version of the workout and Neghar is going to do the more advanced version. If you have limitations or if you are not really comfortable with kettlebells yet, you can do the version that I am doing or if you are having an off day and want to do something a little easier, it is totally fine work with your limits. Neghar is doing the more advanced stuff, if you feel good and feel comfortable with the kettlebells do her version.

N: Alright guys, we are going to start with a swing variation, we are going to a squat variation and we are going to finish with the snatch variation. Molly is going to do a two handed swing, I am going to do one handed or hand to hand swing. Molly is going to do goblet squat, I am doing a double kettlebell front squat. Molly is going to do a half-snatch, I am going to do a full-snatch. We are looking for anywhere on the swing for 15 to 20 reps, and on the squat snatches anywhere from 8 to 10 reps. Molly is going to start with the swing, go ahead Molly. Good.

Now I am going to do some hand to hand swings with this bell right here, I am going to switch it every time which requires a lot of control if you want you can go straight through with one arm then switch to the other side.

M: The hand to hand version that Neghar is doing is a great anti-rotation exercise with the core. One of the reason I am not doing it is I don't need any pulling on either side because of what's going on with my back but if you are feeling good and you feel effective this is a great option.

N: Alright now Molly is going to go ahead and do a goblet squat, she is going to move as quickly as she can while still maintaining control. She is going to decide how many she wants to do. Even if you go into this set thinking “I am going to do 10 reps” and by 8 if you feel it fall apart go ahead and stop at 8.

I am going to do a clean and a front squat variation, I am going to clean the kettlebells every time and then front squat them and I will probably do about 8.

Molly is going to do a half-snatch which is a modified version of the kettlebell snatch. She is going to snatch a kettlebell over her head, bring it down to the rack and then she is going to clean it down. The half-snatch is a really great variation for people who are just learning how to snatch a kettlebell and maybe don't feel too comfortable snatching a kettlebell down. This gives you an option to scale it back until you feel comfortable doing the full-snatch. Just as effective and still a great exercise. And when you are switching side to side Molls switched on a swing which is great, it is what I typically do. If you are not comfortable doing that one handed swing yet you can always set it down and pick it up on the other side. That a girl, nice.

Let me finish up with some snatches. I’m still using my hips, even though my upper body is guiding the bell, I’m really snapping my hips to get the kettlebell overhead. Molly and I are really bad at counting.

M: That's 5-ish, 6.

N: I will do two more.

M: The good and the bad thing, if you are really concentrating on what you are doing then you do a lot more.

N: Alright, guys We are probably going to end it by doing about 4 more round

M: Or something like that I guess.

N: Four more rounds , it’s getting cold out here, we are warming up. We’ll probably do about 4 more rounds, which will take us maybe a total of 10 minutes, which is kind of the gist of the ‘Renegade Cardio’ ebook, that you can do these 5 to 10 minute finishers.

M: Absolutely. They are quick, fast and effective. So check it out and let us know what you think.


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