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Complete Core Training

Video Transcription:  Hi guys Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong. Today I want to talk about complete core training. At my gym J & M Strength and Conditioning in Lexington...

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Barbell Complex

  Barbell Complex The barbell complex is a great exercise for strengthening and developing the muscles in the lower body, most notably, the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The barbell complex also...

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Band-Supported Leg Lowering

Band-Supported Leg Lowering Exercise Band-supported leg lowering is a great exercise to strengthen the musculature of the anterior core. When performed correctly, this exercise with bands is brutally challenging and effective....

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Band Shuffle

Band Shuffle Exercise The band shuffle is a great resistant band training exercise to strengthen the glutes, particularly the ever-important glute medius muscle. Due to the partial squat stance, this...

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20 Minute Workouts

20 Minute Workout The 20 minute workout will give you an extremely effective full body workout in very little time. The 20 minute full body workout helps strengthen and develop...

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Bakasana (crow pose)

Video Transcription:  Hi ladies I’m Neghar from Girls Gone Strong and today I'm going to show you one of my favorite yoga arm balances, Bakasana, or crow pose. Bakasana is...

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Two Awesome Upper Body Exercises

Two Awesome Upper Body Exercises The inverted row and the bear crawl are two fantastic upper body exercises for women. The inverted row strengthens and develops the muscles in the mid to...

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GGS Spotlight: Brittany Pryor Throw

GGS Spotlight Brittany Pyror Brittany started as a Track and Field athlete in high school and then continued into college. She had dreams of becoming one of the best throwers in the...

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GGS Spotlight: Allison Tenney Video

GGS Spotlight Allison Tenney: GGS Spotlight Allison Tenney was introduced to weight lifting through her career as a competitive soccer player. When she started her soccer-coaching career, she found herself...

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