GGS Spotlight: Brittany Pryor Throw

Highland Games Throw
By Nia ShanksFebruary 29, 2016

GGS Spotlight Brittany Pyror

Brittany started as a Track and Field athlete in high school and then continued into college. She had dreams of becoming one of the best throwers in the U.S. and eventually one of the best throwers the world.  Four years ago Brittany relocated from New York to Hawaii to continue to pursue her dreams of becoming a Track and Field Olympian. She experience a number of roadblocks and obstacles, and is now currently living in Las Vegas, training for Highland Games, Strongwoman, and Powerlifting.

Her workouts vary based on what competition she is training for, but every one of her workouts starts with a running warm-up, either outside or on a stationary machine. She runs for distance or time, and also incorporates at least three days of HIIT training each week. While most strength athletes are "anti-cardio," Brittany loves going against the grain and being a well-rounded athlete. She loves competing in any kind of strength or explosive activity, and loves sprinting and HIIT training.

Throw until you are tired. Then throw a little more. Work on technique.

In this video, Brittany is competing in the Highland Games WOB (weight over bar) event. This is an 18 ft. and her goal in the Highland Games is to get 19 ft. in WOB, get a perfect caber score, and take the world record for hammer.

To learn more about Brittany check out her Girls Gone Strong spotlight interview.


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