Walk Out

How To Do A Walk Out
By Alli McKeeMarch 1, 2016

Video Transcription: 

I am going to demonstrate what we call a walk out, and all of its variations.  A walk out is a great exercise that we use for the anterior core but depending on what variation you use it can also be an upper body pushing movement.  It’s really similar to what a lot of people call an inch worm. This was an exercise I got from my business partner and good friend Jim Laird - he has been using it for a long time and we really like it for several reason.

You are going to start with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, you are going to bend your knees and push back into your hips.  If your hamstrings feel stiff or if you have a hard time bending over and getting to the ground you can always widen your stance a little bit, or if you find it easy you can narrow your stance. I am going to walk myself out to a push-up position.  From there I am going to show you a couple of different variations. The first is what we call turn and reach to the roof (I also have seen it called the T push-up) but I am going rotate on my toes, and rotate through my hip, and turn and reach up to the roof, just like the name sounds.  Then I am going to show you all the shuffle, where we can shuffle from side to side. Then I am going to show you push up.

For a regular walk out, push back into your hips, walk yourself out into the push-up position, and own it.  Don't let your hips sag! Then I am going to turn, reach to the roof (notice that I turned on my toes and didn't twist through my lower back), turn and reach, turn and reach.

From here you can also do a shuffle, where you shuffle.  You can also do a push-up after a walk out.  Shoulder blades together, drive your shoulder blade apart at the top and don't sag. you can walk yourself back to the top of a walkout. Don't feel like you need to do all of those variations, you can do just a plain walkout, where you walk yourself out and walk yourself back, you can walk yourself out and shuffle side to side, you can shuffle as far and as long as you want, (obviously I can't do much cause we are filming this). You can turn and reach to the roof. You can combine them if you want - you can turn and reach the roof then go into a push-up. There's lots of different variations.  You can also add a chain to make it more difficult - well you can't really add a chain if you are doing the walk out portion, but if you are in the push-up position or just shuffling you can always have someone put a chain on your back. That’s a walk out and all of its different variations.


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About the author:  Alli McKee

Alli is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She's contributed to and modeled for a number of major publications including Oxygen magazine and the New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged. You can find out more about Alli on her personal blog at www.allimckee.com.

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