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Meet The Team

Advisory Board

The Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board is a collective of brilliant women, all world-class experts in their respective fields, using one united voice to provide accurate and compassionate information for women.

For so long, the majority of health and fitness information for women came from the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry, which preys on our insecurities to sell us fads and quick-fixes that we don’t need. What most women don't realize is that this information comes from men on Wall Street who make money by encouraging women to be less, instead of more.

Together we work toward one mission: to provide women with evidence-based, body-positive information and silence the fear-mongering weight-loss industry and mainstream media who profit off of telling us our bodies need to be "fixed."

We envision a world full of women who strive to be more, not less, and we help women achieve their personal health and fitness goals by offering sane, sustainable, and compassionate information.

Our Advisory Board covers topics ranging from improving your squat technique, to healing your pelvic-floor post-pregnancy, to how to stop feeling jealous of other women and everything in between.

We are a FORCE to be reckoned with because we are helping women love the way they feel about—and live in—their bodies.