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Comas Keck

Owner, Beauty Lies In Strength
Jen has been-there-done-almost-all-of-it when it comes to health and fitness. She is an NASM Personal Trainer, a USAW Level One Weightlifting coach, and former group fitness maniac.

She has competed in Figure, trained as a powerlifter, teaches and practices yoga religiously, and dabbles in aerial sports.

Jen runs a very successful nutrition coaching company, where she guides women to their goals using practical and effective techniques, while focusing on habit change and the power of choice.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to write for many fantastic publications such as Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and more, and has been a consistent contributor for both and

Jen’s mission is to prove that optimal health and fitness doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be –  all-or-nothing. In an attempt to get people away from the obsession of diet and exercise, and to try new things, Jen launched the #embraceYES campaign at the end of 2013. #EmbraceYES encourages people to challenge themselves, explore, adventure, meet new people, and spend ample time outdoors.

In her free time, you can find Jen burning around on her motorcycle, zipping down the canyons on her mountain bike, practicing handstands, laughing herself silly with her girlfriends, fine dining with her husband, singing to her dogs, or challenging her brother to some kind of competition.

Jen currently has the best of both worlds, living in both Salt Lake City, Utah, and Kentucky with her husband and their pups.

Jen runs an extremely successful nutrition coaching business where the emphasis is placed on happiness, balance, and sustainability. You can read more about Jen on her website, and you can follow her adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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