6 Bad Habits That Prevent You From Seeing Results

It’s a good idea to pause and take a 1,000-foot view of our daily habits once in a while—especially during times when pausing for anything is the last thing on our minds. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to fall into some bad habits when life gets busy. As women, it’s our innate nature […]

3 Nutrition Myths That Affect Athletic Longevity

A long list of concepts and diet strategies target women and girls who prioritize their fitness and health. Of that long list, a few rise to the top as the most frequently cited. Which ones are myths and which ones work magic? I’ve put them head to head to find out. Glycemic Index vs. Whole […]

Aug, 21 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Nancy Newell

Name:   Nancy Newell Age: 22 Location: Hudson, MA What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? To me, being a Girl Gone Strong means two things: 1. It means that you have a purpose-driven focus to achieve daily success. 2. It means that your our energy and enthusiasm vitalize everyone around you. GGS represents […]

The One Thing Women Need To Stop Eating

I’m a personal trainer who used to be “morbidly obese.” In 2014, I got hundreds of emails and comments in response to a piece I wrote called 5 Things I Miss About Weighing Over 300 Pounds. (Pictured, the author, before and during Before & During—which, for Kelly, feels way more accurate than “Before & After”) […]

Why Women Should Strength Train

Do you really want to read another predictable article that offers up three easy steps to fix this flaw or that flaw, look better in your clothes, look like “her,” or finally lose that “stubborn” fat? I didn’t think so. Myriad calorie-torching circuits, vomit-inducing challenges, butt-blasting workouts, and strength training programs all promise to help […]

“Girls” Gone Wrong

Recently, the head coach of a women’s national team competing in this summer’s Olympics was quoted in a press release saying something along the lines of how proud and excited he was to embark on the adventure with “these girls.” These professional athletes. These Olympians. These adult women. Let me be clear: I’m not demonizing […]

Advisory Board Spotlight: Jen Sinkler

Name: Jen Sinkler Age: 38 (or I will be on August 10, anyway!) Location: Philadelphia, PA All photos: Jalbus Photo What do you do? I’m a fitness writer and personal trainer. What else do you do? I’m pretty into hand-drumming, moon rituals of release and invitation, making and drinking fine espresso, and talking about menstrual […]

GGS Spotlight: Judi Galbraith

Note from Molly: When I first invited my Aunt Judi to be a Spotlight, she felt very self-conscious and a bit reluctant. I told her about all the e-mails we get on a regular basis from readers asking GGS to Spotlight older women, and how she was the first woman I thought of. While I know Judi can […]

Why Having A Strong Pelvic Floor Isn’t Enough

As a physical therapist, every day I treat women who say that they leak urine when coughing, sneezing and exercising (called Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI). Leaking urine during exercise is common, but not normal. The activities that most frequently lead to SUI are box jumps and double-unders. Some women also experience SUI with deadlifts. […]

Letting Go Of These Two Words Will Make You Feel Powerful

It all started a few weeks ago when I was at the gym working on my pull-ups upon returning from our family trip to Italy. As many of you probably know, traveling often makes it difficult to do pull-ups. You might find yourself in a hotel gym sans pull-up bar, or you might be relegated […]