Jul, 26 Jen Comas Mindset

How to Kick the All-Or-Nothing Approach to Fitness and Nutrition

The following situation may sound all too familiar to some of you… Recently, a girlfriend and I took off on a little weekend getaway, and at the start of our trip, my friend announced that this was her “cheat weekend”—she planned to indulge in whatever food she wanted to have. When we stopped for dinner […]

Jul, 24 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Brittany van Schravendijk

Name:   Brittany van Schravendijk Age: 24 Location: San Diego, California What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? Being a Girl Gone Strong means defying society’s stereotype of the “ideal” female body type and instead focusing on using your body to do something that empowers you and makes you physically and mentally stronger—lifting […]

What You Must Know About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have far-reaching effects on a person, deeply affecting their overall quality of life and general health. Chronic pain may cause a person to limit their activities, avoid movement, and decrease their social interactions. Many people with chronic pain often experience disturbances in mood, sleep disorders, and inability to function at the level […]

Can You Get Strong Doing Bodyweight Exercises?

There’s no denying that bodyweight training is an effective training approach for improving conditioning and endurance, but when the goal is to improve strength, most people don’t think bodyweight training can deliver results. It’s understandable you’re feeling a little skeptical and are wondering… “But how can bodyweight training improve my deadlift, if I’m not deadlifting?” The […]

How to Eat If You Have PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common—and most misunderstood—hormonal conditions in the Western world, and the leading cause of infertility in women in the US.1 Historically a PCOS diagnosis is based on certain criteria that approach the condition from a very black-and-white perspective.2 Either you have it or you don’t. Unfortunately, our […]

Can You Safely Prevent A C-Section?

Giving birth is a major, life-changing experience, and a C-section procedure is itself a major abdominal and pelvic surgery. For a growing number of women, safely avoiding a C-section is a top priority. But… is there anything a woman can do to avoid a C-section? Of course, nothing is guaranteed and birth is extremely unpredictable, […]

Jul, 10 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Natalie Macke

Name:  Natalie Macke, MPH, CHWC Age: 29 Location: Orlando, FL What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? A “Girl Gone Strong,” demonstrates, appreciates, and balances her relative strength in all areas of life, while maintaining vision for development. She sees her God-given strength and in a general sense, respects the fact that […]

A Letter to Fellow Survivors of Sexual Assault

To those who need it, In the wake of the Stanford rape case, a lot of difficult feelings have arisen for me. Whenever this topic surfaces in a powerful way, it unearths my own trauma in a fresh way. I relate so strongly to the words of the survivor in that case, her feelings of […]

Why Building “Long and Lean Muscles” Is A Myth (And How You Can Get Strong and Lean!)

If you’ve been enticed by the promise of “long and lean” muscles, you’re not alone. Fitness companies pump millions of dollars into advertising exercise solutions that promise to help you look “long and lean,” while trusted and well-intentioned, but misinformed, fitness instructors across many disciplines further propagate these persistent claims. Women occasionally contact me seeking advice on […]

3 Steps To Healing Your Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, as the belly grows, what many women don’t realize is that, to accommodate that growth, changes occur not only in the uterus and skin (hello, stretch marks!), but all the way down to the abdominal muscles. That’s because, as your babe grows larger toward the later stages of pregnancy, your belly needs to […]