Why I Put Myself First

I put myself first. On my to-do list. On my priority list. In my life. I was not taught to do this. I did not learn it in my home of origin or by watching women around me. In fact, that opposite is something we perhaps unconsciously preach to one another on a daily basis. […]

Sep, 21 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Staci Bond

Name:   Staci Bond Age: 45 Location: Cincinnati, OH How did you find out about the Girls Gone Strong community? I am an avid exerciser and was looking for some new training ideas. I found the GGS website while looking online at many different fitness sites and was intrigued by how well articulated and “real” the […]

7 Food Epiphanies That Set Me Free

Food epiphanies. Ever had one? Like, when you discover maybe you do actually like Brussel sprouts, or when you realize that mayonnaise is the best condiment of all time? (If you don’t agree, you’re wrong). Over the last three or four years I’ve had several food epiphanies that have transformed my relationship with food forever. […]

Sep, 18 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Brenda Reid

Name:   Brenda Reid Age: 47 Location: Colorado How did you find out about Girls Gone Strong? A friend of mine shared it with me after finding it transformational for herself. I lurked the Facebook site for about 18 months before finally signing up for Strongest You Coaching. What do you do? I work in software […]

How To Tell If “Eating in Moderation” Is Right For You

Moderation, I kinda love you. Thank you for making nutrition and dieting sane again, we’re all oh-so-glad you’re back. But, you see, the thing is, now may not be the best time for me to get into a new relationship. I’ve got a lot going on, I’m going to be really busy and well… it’s […]

The Hierarchy of Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, exercise seems to get a lot of the attention. Often, when a person’s progress stalls, one of the first things they do is increase exercise duration, frequency, or intensity— sometimes all three!  While training is important, to bust through plateaus we need to look at four other things first. […]

Unlock The Power of The Kettlebell Clean

If your training goals include developing explosive hip power and core strength, mastering the kettlebell clean is a must. This skill is often overlooked in most training programs, or treated as a transition movement to the rack position in preparation for others skills like the Military Press or Squats. However, the kettlebell clean is valuable […]

The Two Simplest (And Most Effective) Nutrition Tools You’ve Forgotten

Note from GGS: High-level athletes or people looking to go from “very lean” to “extremely lean” may benefit from tracking macronutrients. However, the overwhelming majority of the population could greatly benefit from simply getting in touch with what their bodies are trying to tell them, and they are the intended audience for this article   […]

GGS Spotlight: Jamie Greubel Poser

Name: Jamie Greubel Poser Age: 32 Location: A few months in Lake Placid, NY and Potsdam, Germany. Traveling for competitions and living out of my suitcase for the rest of the year. What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? Strength, health, beauty, confidence, independence. How did you get introduced to strength training, […]

Why Did I Gain Weight on the Pill, If the Research Says That Shouldn’t Happen?

GGS friend and fellow research rock star, Krista Rompolski, tackled the Truth About Birth Control and Weight Gain previously, presenting the various problems with the research (i.e. what constitutes “significant” weight gain) and how the type of hormone (estrogen or progesterone) in your birth control matters when it comes to weight gain and oral contraceptives. […]

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