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Author: Dr. Brooke Kalanick

How To Train If You’re Dealing with Stress, Cortisol, or Adrenal Issues

“Just listen to your body!” We say it (and hear it!) all the time, but how do you actually do that? How do you listen to your body? Teaching women how to listen to what their own hormones are saying is at the heart of the work I do. If we can start listening, this […]

Perspective for the Woman with Wonky Hormones

It’s not easy being the girl with the wonky hormones. It’s not easy being the one whose efforts produce only a fraction of the results someone else may get. It feels unfair. It’s frustrating. I get it. It takes time and patience—and often expert advice and support—to dial in your own hormonal issues and get […]

How To Train If You Have Hypothyroidism or PCOS

Training modifications for Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid If you have Hashimoto’s or thyroid trouble, chances are one or more of the following scenarios will sound familiar when it comes to your workouts: You can’t muster the energy to train at all. You can train for a few days, only to hit a wall and need several days […]

How To Tell If “Eating in Moderation” Is Right For You

Moderation, I kinda love you. Thank you for making nutrition and dieting sane again, we’re all oh-so-glad you’re back. But, you see, the thing is, now may not be the best time for me to get into a new relationship. I’ve got a lot going on, I’m going to be really busy and well… it’s […]

Why Did I Gain Weight on the Pill, If the Research Says That Shouldn’t Happen?

GGS friend and fellow research rock star, Krista Rompolski, tackled the Truth About Birth Control and Weight Gain previously, presenting the various problems with the research (i.e. what constitutes “significant” weight gain) and how the type of hormone (estrogen or progesterone) in your birth control matters when it comes to weight gain and oral contraceptives. […]

How to Eat If You Have PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common—and most misunderstood—hormonal conditions in the Western world, and the leading cause of infertility in women in the US.1 Historically a PCOS diagnosis is based on certain criteria that approach the condition from a very black-and-white perspective.2 Either you have it or you don’t. Unfortunately, our […]

Wine and Your Waistline: How Alcohol Affects Your Health, Hormones, and Fat Loss

For many of us, alcohol goes hand in hand with fun and relaxation. It is called “happy” hour, after all. So it’s no wonder why many women want to know how much booze they can get away with drinking and still achieve their health, fitness, and fat-loss goals. As a wine lover myself, I really, […]

How Insulin And Cortisol Affect Your Body Composition

Talking about insulin and cortisol—or in simpler terms, carbs and stress—has finally become part of the conversation about body composition in earnest. We’ve begun to recognize that getting lean is not as simple as “calories in versus calories out.” Now, the argument has shifted to, “Which matters more, calories or hormones?” Is your biggest battle with […]

Should You Have Your Thyroid Tested?

Sometimes you just know that something is off. You can call it women’s intuition — or chalk it up to the fact that when your hair falls out, you’re too tired to get to the gym, and, when you do manage to get in workouts, you can’t seem to drop a pound — it’s pretty […]

What To Expect From Your Hormones When You’re Expecting

Few human experiences have as wide a range of “normal” as pregnancy and childbirth. It’s tough during this anxious time to have no certainty. Your body is changing quickly, and every little thing has you asking, “Is this normal?” Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. It’s tough to have expectations of what’s […]