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Author: Ingrid Marcum

What Does “Lifting Heavy” Actually Mean?

It’s been amazing to watch more and more women gain an interest in strength training in recent years, evidenced by all of the “strong is the new skinny” memes. But the truth is, strong isn’t really the new anything; strong has always been strong. It’s just finally gaining more of a female audience! Once frequently […]

How To Train For Max Strength, Muscle Gain, and Endurance

Are you interested in lifting to achieve a specific goal, but you’re not sure how many reps or sets to do or how much weight you should lift to move you toward your goals? In this article, we’ll discuss some key differences in training for the following goals: Increasing maximum strength Gaining muscle size (hypertrophy) […]

What Are the Components of a Great Warm-Up?

The basic goals of a warm-up are to prepare the body for exercise and to decrease the chance of injury during training. But on top of that, it’s also great time to start to shift your focus away from everything else in life, and to instead mentally prepare for your upcoming workout. A well-designed warm-up […]

How to Perform A Barbell Clean

This is the second installment in my Olympic lifting series for Girls Gone Strong and builds on some of the information from my first article on the snatch. The clean, much like the snatch, is one of the best training options available for developing strength and power. It requires a little less speed but more […]

How To Add Gymnastics to Your Workout Program

Gymnasts have long been darlings of the Olympics. They captivate us with the power, grace, precision, strength, awareness and body control that define their performances and their sport—making the most difficult moves look effortless, all while wearing a smile! We’re riveted by Cirque du Soleil performers and American Ninja Warrior competitors for the same reasons. These […]

Olympic Weightlifting — How To Do A Barbell Snatch

Olympic weightlifting—snatches, cleans, and jerks—is enjoying a recent surge in popularity, and I am so excited! As a guest author, I’m happy to share this incredible sport with the Girls Gone Strong community. I’ll be contributing a series of articles about Olympic weightlifting, in which I’ll help you understand each lift, and show you how to […]