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Author: Jessie Mundell

Why (and How) You Should Start Exercising In Pregnancy

Strength training is my favorite mode of exercise to recommend in pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Strength training in pregnancy is a form of physical activity that can be modified, exercise by exercise, to your changing pregnant body, regardless of what stage of pregnancy you’re in. It can also help prepare your body to be […]

Sex During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Oh, yes. We’re going there! This is such an important conversation to have about what’s normal and what’s not regarding consensual sexual intercourse in pregnancy and postpartum. Note: While we recognize that there are many ways to experience sexual pleasure, this article specifically addresses sexual intercourse involving vaginal penetration. Sex during and after pregnancy is […]

What No One Tells You About Early Post Pregnancy

The intricacies of post-pregnancy can be difficult to describe. It’s one of those life experiences you only truly “get” once you go through it. I had been working with pregnant and postpartum women for years prior to becoming pregnant myself, and consider myself extremely fortunate to have heard hundreds of stories about life with a newborn […]

Can You Reduce the Likelihood of Requiring a C-Section? (The Answer May Not Be As Simple As You Think!)

Giving birth is a major, life-changing experience, and a C-section procedure is itself a major abdominal and pelvic surgery. For a growing number of women, safely avoiding a C-section is a top priority. But… is there anything a woman can do to avoid a C-section? Of course, nothing is guaranteed and birth is extremely unpredictable, […]

3 Steps To Healing Your Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, as the belly grows, what many women don’t realize is that, to accommodate that growth, changes occur not only in the uterus and skin (hello, stretch marks!), but all the way down to the abdominal muscles. That’s because, as your babe grows larger toward the later stages of pregnancy, your belly needs to […]

What Every Pregnant Woman and Mom (New or Not!) Needs to Do For Her Pelvic Floor

Unless we have a specific reason to, most of us probably go about our lives without giving our pelvic floor much thought—and when we do, the bulk of our attention generally focuses around the Kegel. In fact, I didn’t think too deeply about the pelvic floor for quite some time, either. Even back during my […]

What You MUST Know About Baby-Wearing Workouts

As a mom, it can be difficult to find the time to work out. Plus, to make things even more challenging, hitting the gym often requires hiring a babysitter. And at-home workouts? Most babies want to be in Mom’s arms, not watching Mom work out from the sidelines. The newest trend in postpartum workouts, baby-wearing […]

The 4 Biggest Myths About Core Training During Pregnancy

Core training is actually one of the most important things you can do for your health during pregnancy. Consistently training your core can help relieve back and pelvic pain, help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, and even improve your chances of having a smooth postpartum recovery. Unfortunately, when it comes to what core workouts […]

4 Steps to Heal Up, Add Strength, and Feel Great in Your Post-Pregnancy Body

Let’s get one thing straight: This isn’t going to be your typical “get your pre-baby body back” story. I’m not going to tell you to eat 1,200 calories a day, train five days a week, or perform hours of cardio every day in order to feel fit, comfortable, and strong postpartum. What’s more, I’m not […]

Post-Pregnancy Workouts: How A Pregnancy Expert Does It

Your body — and your life — go through some pretty exciting changes between the end of pregnancy to early postpartum. Big things are happening, and your exercise routine will reflect all of that. If you’re pregnant, you may not be quite to this point in your pregnancy yet and are curious about how you […]