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Author: Karen Smith

Handstand Training: Fun Progressions to Build Stability and Strength

Oftentimes, people rush to lift heavy loads — sometimes too-heavy loads! — without thinking about spending time building their stabilizers. It’s important to strengthen your joints in static positions before adding heavy loads or a higher volume of ballistic movements for which your joints are not ready. I prefer to approach my training as a […]

Beyond Mastery: Kettlebell Flow Workout

Kettlebells are popping up in more and more gyms and local stores, and of course, you really can’t miss them all over the internet and on social media these days. We see the good, the bad, and all too often, the absolutely ugly movements. Mastery of the basics should be at the forefront of our […]

Regressing and Progressing 4 Basic Movements

It often seems like everyone is looking for the quick fix or the magic pill for instant results. As coaches, it’s our duty to educate our clients and steer them away from this kind of instant-gratification mentality, focusing instead on the importance of safe and effective movements that will help them reach their goals. There’s […]

2 Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do When Life Gets Busy

Whether it’s summer break or the holiday season, certain times of the year bring more travel, or at the very least take us out of our everyday routines with outings, celebrations, and out of town guests — and for many of us who are parents, a lot more time with the kiddos on break from school. […]

BRAGG: 5 Tips for a Deadlift to Brag About

One of the most important keys to developing a stronger barbell deadlift is your setup. Without a good setup, not only are increasing your risk for injury, you’re also not fully tapping into your strength potential. A solid setup includes the following five elements, and to help you remember what they are, I’ve devised an […]

5 Best Bodyweight Butt-Building Exercises

While there’s certainly a lot to love about heavy lifting, there are times when going heavy (or lifting any weights at all) might not be possible: You’re traveling and there’s limited equipment at the hotel gym, or you can’t even get to a gym for a workout. You’re on a restricted training program while you […]

How Women Can Master One-Arm Push-Ups

I can’t tell you how often I hear women say they can’t do push-ups. What’s more, I continue to see trainers instructing female clients to perform “girl push-ups” with their knees on the floor. “Girl push-ups.” This term gets me heated. For many, this modification, actually limits or delays progress and strength gains—and to call […]

Unlock The Power of The Kettlebell Clean

If your training goals include developing explosive hip power and core strength, mastering the kettlebell clean is a must. This skill is often overlooked in most training programs, or treated as a transition movement to the rack position in preparation for others skills like the Military Press or Squats. However, the kettlebell clean is valuable […]

Can You Get Strong Doing Bodyweight Exercises?

There’s no denying that bodyweight training is an effective training approach for improving conditioning and endurance, but when the goal is to improve strength, most people don’t think bodyweight training can deliver results. It’s understandable you’re feeling a little skeptical and are wondering… “But how can bodyweight training improve my deadlift, if I’m not deadlifting?” The […]

One Kettlebell Workout 2 Ways: For Strength OR Fat Loss

I recently shared five basic movements I recommend for kettlebell beginners (but of course, they’re great for everyone): hip hinge, deadlift, swing, turkish get-up, and goblet squat. If you’ve been practicing these movements and feel comfortable with them, it’s time to put them into a workout! For a well-rounded workout, I suggest including two more […]