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Erin Brown

Erin Brown is a writer, speaker, feminist, and activist. Her work focuses on women and autonomy, which includes sharing her personal narrative, being delightfully aggressive, and helping women own the power of their voice.


More about Erin…

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-ErinBrown-450x338Erin’s primary goal is to sort through her own baggage so she can be an example to her daughter—and other women—as a woman living a passionate and empowered life.

To do this, Erin had to conquer her own self-imposed limitations and the negative relationship she had with her body, so that she could stop “feeling like an apology” and stand fully in her power.  She stopped trying to “fix” herself by losing weight, and instead, adopted practices that helped her see that she is enough, exactly as she is right now, no matter how she looked or how much she weighed. That, in turn, led to healthier habits and a complete shift in perspective about her self-care. She was no longer running “because her thighs are disgusting.” She was running to clear her mind and because she knew she was deserving of that self-care.

Today, through writing and speaking, Erin helps other women do the same.  At the Women’s Fitness Summit, Erin received a standing ovation, and Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon called her talk, “one of the best feminist performances I’ve ever seen.”

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-ErinBrown4-327x300In Showing All The Way Up: A Guide to Confidence with Erin Brown, Erin helps women begin to feel more at-home in their bodies, more sure of their voice, and more confident in their decision-making and interpersonal relationships.  This guide is simple and actionable so you can start implementing healthier self-care practices into your life immediately.

Strength training, hiking, meditation, yoga and running are some of Erin’s preferred methods of self-care, as they help her cope with hard things, be in the moment, and recruit the various kinds of strength her life requires of her.

Learn more about Erin on her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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