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Jen Comas

Jen Comas has been there and done almost all of it when it comes to health and fitness. Jen's experience makes her a perfect choice as a Strongest You Coach. Through Strongest You, Jen has worked with women in over a dozen countries around the world, helping them heal their relationship with food and their body, and eat and exercise in a way that they enjoy so they can sustain it forever.


More about Jen…

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-JenComas2-450x338Jen is a NASM Personal Trainer, a USAW Level One Weightlifting coach, and former group fitness maniac. She has competed in figure, trained as a powerlifter, teaches and practices yoga regularly, dabbles in aerial sports, and is obsessed with motorcycles, dirtbiking, and downhill mountain biking.

After years of over-exercising and intense food restriction, Jen has figured out how to balance programmed exercise with all of her life activities and hobbies, and balance eating healthful foods with all of her favorite indulgences so that exercise and nutrition are no longer a source of stress, but of joy. She helps other women do the same.

Jen’s best known for her informative, relatable, and entertaining articles which show women optimal health and fitness doesn’t have to be—and shouldn’t be—all-or-nothing.  Articles like, “My Switch To Strength: Tales of a Former Cardio Queen,” and “How I Gave Up Tupperware and Got My Life Back,” help women understand that achieving their physique and performance goals doesn’t have to control their life.  It can enhance their life instead.
AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-JenComas3-327x300As a Coach with Strongest You Coaching, Jen uses habit-based nutrition coaching and the Minimum Effective Dose method, to guide women to their goals without feeling like fitness is taking over their life. Jen helps Strongest You participants focus on happiness, balance, sustainability, and body embracement.

In her free time, you can find Jen burning around on her motorcycle, zipping down the canyons on her mountain bike, practicing handstands, laughing herself silly with good friends, singing to her dog, or challenging her brother to some kind of competition.

Jen currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her pup, Ripper. You can read more about Jen on her website, and you can follow her adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter


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