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Karen Smith

Karen Smith is a highly-respected trainer and coach specializing in kettlebell and bodyweight strength training. She is a Master StrongFirst (SFG) instructor, making her the highest-ranking female kettlebell instructor in the organization, and she was recently promoted to Chief Bodyweight instructor.


More about Karen…

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-KarenSmith3-450x338Karen is also the fourth woman in the world to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge, which is a strict Pistol, a Tactical Pull-Up, and a Military Press all performed with a 24-kilogram/53-pound kettlebell.

For over six years, Karen owned and operated Kettlebell Elite, a successful private training facility in Virginia Beach, where she worked with men and women of all ages and ability levels, helping them get stronger, move better and reach their health and physique goals.  She recently relocated to Dallas to be closer to her family, and here she offers selective in-person coaching, as well as online coaching and program design.
AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-KarenSmith2-327x300In addition, as a Master StrongFirst instructor, and now Chief Bodyweight Instructor, Karen travels the world coaching and certifying individuals of all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to elite members of the U.S. military and law enforcement.  She runs both SFG Level 1 and Level 2 certifications, the StrongFirst Bodyweight (SFB) certification, and workshops to help prepare students for these certifications.

A natural-born coach, Karen’s articles and video tutorials for Girls Gone Strong are second to none. Some of her most popular articles include “How To Do A Pull-up: Everything You Need To Know,” and “Squat: It Does A Body (And A Booty) Good.” All of Karen’s articles include a detailed video (or multiple videos) that walk you through exactly what you need to know to master each skill safely and effectively.  She breaks down each movement, step by step, in a manner that’s simple to understand, so you feel like you have a coach right by your side, helping you every step of the way.

To learn more about this mother, coach, trainer, writer, and business owner, you can visit her website, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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