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Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith is a certified strength and conditioning coach and co-founder and owner of Girls Gone Strong. After years of personal struggle with her own body image and self-worth, Molly has committed to helping women embrace their bodies and fall in love with themselves.


More about Molly…

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-MollyGalbraith4-450x338As a former figure competitor who dabbled in powerlifting, Molly understands the more extreme side of training and nutrition, and is passionate about helping every woman discover that fitness can enhance her life without becoming her life.

She firmly believes that you can love your body exactly as it is right now, while wanting it to look or perform differently, and wants to share that revelation with the world. In one of her most popular articles, Molly and many other fitness professionals share their thoughts and experiences with cellulite, stretch marks, body image, and loving your body.

In January 2016, Molly shared the following candid photo on Facebook, which was taken on the beach while on vacation. She reflected on her health and body image struggles, and shared her journey of personal growth and her new perspective on what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. The response was overwhelming, and her post quickly went viral as it resonated with women around the world.


In addition to helping women embrace their bodies, Molly also helps them get fit, strong, and healthy while honoring their bodies. Molly is the author of The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training, a comprehensive training program published in 2014 that has helped thousands of women in over 60 countries achieve their health and fitness goals in a sane, sustainable, and compassionate way.
AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-MollyGalbraith5-327x300Molly has written extensively on her approach to training to help women look and feel their best, and works tirelessly to combat  persistent misconceptions that often deter women from exploring their physical strength. A great example is her popular article, “Does Lifting Heavy Make You Bulky?

Learn more about Molly on her website, and keep up with her latest adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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