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Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is a fitness and lifestyle coach, writer, entrepreneur, veteran, wife, and mom—and one of the original seven co-founders of Girls Gone Strong. She's also a RKC-II kettlebell instructor, avid yoga practitioner, and lifelong athlete who has completed incredible feats of strength.


More about Neghar…

AdvisoryBoardSecondaryImage-NegharFonooni-450x338Some of Neghar’s feats of strength include a 36-kilogram/80-pound Turkish Getup at 123 pounds, 16 Neutral Grip Pull-ups, a 24-kilogram/53-pound strict Military Press for two reps, and a Double Bodyweight Deadlift for five reps. But sharing her physical strength is just one of the ways that Neghar empowers other women.

A Los Angeles native with over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry, Neghar’s mission is to help women all over the world live fuller, fitter, more empowered lives without stress and shame. As a recovering dieter and reformed perfectionist, she’s committed to helping women overcome the barriers that keep us from enjoying the process.

She gives them tools to create a lifestyle that works for them, not against them, and helps them give themselves permission to live authentically and openheartedly.

Through this work, Neghar helps women recognize their worth, own their power, prioritize self-care, and cultivate stronger relationships. She uses movement as a gateway to encourage women to get in touch with their bodies, and mindset practice as a means to get in touch with their hearts.

As one of the original Girls Gone Strong co-founders, Neghar has been educating and inspiring the GGS community since it’s inception in 2011. Her videos encourage enthusiastic and grateful movement through her short and effective workouts. Her writing inspires women worldwide to ask themselves the hard questions, listen to their bodies, and gain perspective when they need it most.

neghar-and-her-dogs-professional-327x350An unabashed sci-fi and fantasy nerd, Neghar snorts when she laughs and loves lifting weights, hiking, the ocean, yoga, rosé, dark chocolate, travel, fashion, and collecting books and vinyl. She believes in searching for every day bliss, practicing extreme self-compassion, and perpetually seeking to add value to other people’s lives and the world at large.

She currently resides in Venice, California with her son, Isaac, her husband John, and her two silly bulldogs, Samwise and Khaleesi.

Learn more about Neghar on her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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