GGS Spotlight: Abbie Elsner (Fratzke)
Name: Abbie Elsner (Fratzke) Age: 21 Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota What does being a GGS mean to you? To me it is about discovering the strength to face anything—physically, mentally and spiritually. Finding your physical strength and training your body...
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Got leftovers? Make a Frittata!
It's the weekend y'all!  And if you're like me, you just might have a bunch of leftovers taking up space in your fridge. I have the perfect, tasty recipe to use up all of your leftovers and help you clear...
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GGS Spotlight: Juliet Gotthardt
Name: Juliet Gotthardt Age: 25 Location: New Jersey What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? Bluntly honest opinion #1: Being a GGS doesn’t mean much of anything to me. Strong goes beyond gender. It is difficult to describe....
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3 Awesome Workouts You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less
Some days the "Beast Mode" switch is just... off. Believe it or not, even fitness professionals don’t feel like absolutely crushing their workout every time they step into the gym. Especially if we've spent the whole day in the gym...
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GGS Spotlight: Stacey Schaedler
Name: Stacey Veronica Schaedler Age: 32 Location: Boston, MA What does being a GGS mean to you? Being a girl gone strong to me, means having the self-discipline to make my body stronger and more capable each and every week....
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What's Your Dream?
One of my favorite conversations to have with people is about what they want out of life. I like to ask because their responses often inspire me to dream bigger. In some cases, when someone has few dreams or goals,...
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10 Ways to Train Your Core Without Crunches
Having a strong core is crucial to a balanced, resilient body, but strengthening your "core" is about a lot more than just doing traditional crunches. We like to think of the core as a cylinder: the abs and back are...
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GGS Spotlight: Kimberly Mills
  Name: Kimberly Mills Age: 51 Location: Shawnee, Kansas What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? From the time I discovered GGS, I have totally been inspired by your message to educate and inspire women of all ages to maximize the...
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Sharpen Your Split Squat Skills
The split squat (often called a lunge or stationary lunge) is an exercise that is revered and feared by many. There are very few exercises that have the ability to humble you or leave you as sore as a split...
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