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My Body Size Does Not Determine My Ability

Self-talk is a pretty big deal. We all have internal monologues that consistently play in our head, guiding us through our day. If we are lucky, those monologues tell us to go out and do awesome things, be immensely kind to each other, and go on and on about our own unique beauty. Unfortunately, however, […]

The Greatest Gift A Single Woman Can Give Herself

At 16 years old, I fell madly in love. We were inseparable, dramatic romantics, and within a few months of our first kiss, everything I did was with this boy in mind. I was constantly coming up with new little ways to show him how much I loved him, I would try to guess what […]

4 Ways To Improve Your Body Image Immediately

I recently spent no less than 45 minutes scrolling through in an Instagram rabbit hole of beautiful young women who had made “amazing body transformations!” As I moved from one post to the next, I found myself wishing I was more shredded, or thinner, or as happy as these smiling women seemed to be about […]

The One Thing Women Need To Stop Eating

I’m a personal trainer who used to be “morbidly obese.” In 2014, I got hundreds of emails and comments in response to a piece I wrote called 5 Things I Miss About Weighing Over 300 Pounds. (Pictured, the author, before and during Before & During—which, for Kelly, feels way more accurate than “Before & After”) […]

Why You Need Radical Vanity in Your Life

“Genuine self-esteem—please understand this—genuine self-esteem is not competitive or comparative. Genuine self-esteem isn’t expressed by self-glorification at the expense of others, or by trying to make yourself superior to everyone else, or diminishing others in order to elevate yourself. Arrogance, boastfulness, the overestimation of your abilities, reflect low self-esteem, even though we’re often encouraged to […]

Help! My Daughter Thinks She’s Fat!

Note from GGS: Often women ask Erin for advice on how to handle this conversation with their daughters. But it goes without saying that this advice applies to daughters and sons. At some point most (if not all) kids will begin to observe and talk about body shapes and weight, theirs and others’. It’s a […]

You Are More Than Your Body (Fat)

I was wearing booty shorts and a T-shirt, cooking dinner for my then-boyfriend, and I could feel him staring at me from behind. Part of me—the part that was desperate for his approval—lit up with the thought, “He must be admiring me.” The corners of my mouth bashfully rose; for more than three years we’d […]

Body Shaming ANY Body Is Bad For Everybody

When I was obese, I encountered my share of body shaming. I was oinked at. My food choices were scoffed at. I was presumed to be lazy… among many other things. Some people even defended their hurtful words by saying they were performing some kind of “health activism.” But, to me, it felt like bullying, […]

Love Yourself, But Not Too Much

By others’ standards, it seems there’s very little a woman can ever get “right.” As women, we’re supposed to be a perfect combination of features… many of which require possessing a certain set of genetic attributes. Though this arbitrary list of characteristics varies greatly depending on whom you ask, one thing is certain: We are […]

The One Video Every Woman Needs To Watch

  Note from GGS:Your support and opinion matters and helps us get more information to women who need it. Click here to share and join the conversation on Facebook.    “I’d never met a woman who thought she was beautiful, or who didn’t call herself a work-in-progress, at best.“ —Erin Brown, on learning body hatred at […]