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The Transformative Power of Boxing for Women

Boxing is an incredible sport that can offer surprising benefits — depending of course on what you’re prepared to put into it! As an enthusiast, competitor, and now coach, I’ve frequently seen the transformative power of boxing, particularly with women. I am a fighter, a coach and a business owner, and I have trained in […]

How Internalized Misogyny Is Holding You Back

Note: Before digging in, I want you to know that though it isn’t my intention, it’s likely that some things I say in this article might make you angry—and that’s totally normal. Know that my intent is to free you from judgment, not impose more judgment upon you. I encourage you to question your feelings and […]

My Body, My Business

I spent a sizable part of my life obsessed with the notion that something was horribly wrong with my body. Specifically, that it was too big, and I needed to be smaller. Leaner. Skinny. It felt like that message was everywhere and seemed to stand squarely between the life I wanted and me. It wasn’t […]

“Girls” Gone Wrong

Recently, the head coach of a women’s national team competing in this summer’s Olympics was quoted in a press release saying something along the lines of how proud and excited he was to embark on the adventure with “these girls.” These professional athletes. These Olympians. These adult women. Let me be clear: I’m not demonizing […]

A Letter to Fellow Survivors of Sexual Assault

To those who need it, In the wake of the Stanford rape case, a lot of difficult feelings have arisen for me. Whenever this topic surfaces in a powerful way, it unearths my own trauma in a fresh way. I relate so strongly to the words of the survivor in that case, her feelings of […]

Attention, Men! How You Can Support Girls Gone Strong

As the Girls Gone Strong movement has grown, so has our support, not just from women, but from men. Men are increasingly realizing the importance of addressing issues specific to women and their bodies. Men like you who understand that our lives and our bodies deserve their own space. We appreciate your being here and […]

30% of Women in the GGS Community Have Likely Experienced Domestic Abuse

  Some women wish they had bruises, if, for nothing else than to let others know they are hurting. Others have mastered the art of disguising their bruises. Either way, everyone wishes the abuse would stop. Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence (IPV), is a billion-dollar-a year epidemic in our country. 2 Statistics from […]

How The GGS Community Is Changing The Conversation In The Fitness Industry

Quite often, but in particular over the past couple weeks, we’ve received so many messages from you, our community members, telling us how much you love what we’re doing and how grateful you are that Girls Gone Strong is showing the world that being healthy and fit comes in many shapes and sizes. True health […]

Raising A Conscientious Boy

Note from GGS: This article involves the author discussing her sexual assault.   Women come in all shapes and sizes. We are tall and short, stout and slender, slight and muscular. We all have value, and we all have strength. What we might not always consider is that like us, strength comes in various forms, […]

How To Stop Doing Stuff You Don’t Want To Do

Constantly doing stuff we don’t want to do doesn’t serve the world — and it surely doesn’t serve us. Whether it’s chairing the PTA, having 15 eight-year-olds over for a sleepover, or taking on extra responsibilities at work when you’re already over-loaded, doing these things out of obligation is a time and energy suck. No matter […]