Gymtimidation No More: How To Feel Like A Boss In Any Gym
Walking into a new gym or fitness facility can feel a little (or a lot!) intimidating for some of us. Looking around on that first visit, you see members who appear to know the gym inside and out, who are...
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How I Gave Up My Tupperware and Got My Life Back
Note from GGS: We are huge fans of autonomy. We want women to do exactly what makes them feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. If eating a super strict diet and always following a meal plan is something you enjoy, then by...
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What We CAN Do About the Objectification and Sexualization of Women in Fitness
Note from GGS: We asked Erin to write on this subject in response to a disturbing trend we've noticed regarding reactions to the sexualization and/or objectification of women—particularly in fitness, but really, in the media overall. So often, people are...
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Why Do I Have Cellulite?
Let’s talk about cellulite. But first, a note from GGS: Yes, this article is about cellulite, what it is, why we have it, and what (if anything) we can do about it. But before we dive into all of this...
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4 Ways to Stop Feeling Jealous of Other Women
Remember high school? The social politics were ridiculous. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait to be an adult! I knew that I would grow up, and all of that “popular kids” vs “nobodies” stuff would go away. Somehow,...
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4 Tips for Raising Confident Girls
Finding out I was having a baby girl changed my whole life. At first I was terrified. I knew the sort of issues she might face, the kinds of self-limiting labels so thoughtlessly handed over with “girl.” I knew I wanted...
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What Is Exercise Addiction and Dependence?
Note from GGS: We get a lot of questions regarding exercise addiction and dependence. "How do I know if I'm addicted to exercise?" "Why do I feel so guilty if I miss a training session?" "I HATE rest days! Do...
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Am I Fit Enough to Be a Trainer?
If we work in the health and fitness industry, that means we’ve got it all together, right? We look good, feel good, move well, and love our bodies too? Ummm… Nope. Whether we’re coaches, trainers, or other specialists, most of...
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Strength Training: For The Body, Mind, And Soul
Strength. It comes in many different forms and has many different meanings, but it’s a word that resonates with almost everyone. At Girls Gone Strong, we talk a lot about physical strength, but we also make sure to emphasize the...
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