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How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

I can’t tell you how often I hear women say they can’t do push-ups. What’s more, I continue to see trainers instructing female clients to perform “girly” push-ups, with their knees on the floor. “Girly” push-ups. This term gets me heated, ladies. For many, this modification, actually limits or delays progress and strength gains—and to […]

How To Add Gymnastics to Your Workout Program

Gymnasts have long been darlings of the Olympics. They captivate us with the power, grace, precision, strength, awareness and body control that define their performances and their sport—making the most difficult moves look effortless, all while wearing a smile! We’re riveted by Cirque du Soleil performers and American Ninja Warrior competitors for the same reasons. These […]

Unlock The Power of The Kettlebell Clean

If your training goals include developing explosive hip power and core strength, mastering the kettlebell clean is a must. This skill is often overlooked in most training programs, or treated as a transition movement to the rack position in preparation for others skills like the Military Press or Squats. However, the kettlebell clean is valuable […]

Why Women Should Strength Train

Do you really want to read another predictable article that offers up three easy steps to fix this flaw or that flaw, look better in your clothes, look like “her,” or finally lose that “stubborn” fat? I didn’t think so. Myriad calorie-torching circuits, vomit-inducing challenges, butt-blasting workouts, and strength training programs all promise to help […]

Can You Get Strong Doing Bodyweight Exercises?

There’s no denying that bodyweight training is an effective training approach for improving conditioning and endurance, but when the goal is to improve strength, most people don’t think bodyweight training can deliver results. It’s understandable you’re feeling a little skeptical and are wondering… “But how can bodyweight training improve my deadlift, if I’m not deadlifting?” The […]

Why Building “Long and Lean Muscles” Is A Myth (And How You Can Get Strong and Lean!)

If you’ve been enticed by the promise of “long and lean” muscles, you’re not alone. Fitness companies pump millions of dollars into advertising exercise solutions that promise to help you look “long and lean,” while trusted and well-intentioned, but misinformed, fitness instructors across many disciplines further propagate these persistent claims. Women occasionally contact me seeking advice on […]

One Kettlebell Workout 2 Ways: For Strength OR Fat Loss

I recently shared five basic movements I recommend for kettlebell beginners (but of course, they’re great for everyone): hip hinge, deadlift, swing, turkish get-up, and goblet squat. If you’ve been practicing these movements and feel comfortable with them, it’s time to put them into a workout! For a well-rounded workout, I suggest including two more […]

Why Every Endurance Athlete Needs to Strength Train

Whether you’re a recreationally competitive runner, triathlete, or cyclist, or participate in adventure races and 5Ks just for the fun of it, you may be missing a crucial component of your training plan: strength training. It’s no surprise that many endurance athletes don’t strength train. After all, many follow-along endurance training programs solely address running […]

How Overexercising Can Wreck Your Progress

I have always been a bookworm. For as long as I can remember, reading and writing have been my jam. I started my first diary when I was five years old—it was a little, red Hello Kitty diary, complete with a lock and key. That diary was my prized possession, and it sparked my insatiable […]

Kettlebells 101: 5 Best Exercises and Tips for Getting Started

A common misconception among people who are new to kettlebell training is that you need to “get in shape” or be at a certain level of fitness in order to use kettlebells. I assure you, you can start training with kettlebells right now, no matter what your fitness level and exercise history is. Starting any […]