How To Structure A No-BS Workout Plan That Works
There’s no end to the amount of ridiculousness we hear regarding what the best workout program really is: From “you must perform two hours of cardio six days per week” and “don’t eat any more than 1,200 calories each day”...
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Find Your Flow: How to Get Started with Yoga
Yoga. After reading just that one little word, I bet you’re probably thinking of a person dressed in spandex and tangled up in a pretzel-like posture. Or a woman sitting cross-legged on a mat, chanting. Maybe you picture an Instagram...
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A Barbell Complex For Strength And Fat Loss
Complexes are one of my favorite ways to get simultaneously strong and sweaty. Because you're doing compound, full-body movements and rarely setting the weight down, you build strength, power, stamina and amp up your metabolism—all with simple tools and basic...
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How Much Cardio vs. Strength Training Should I Do?
Is it OK to do cardio? How much should I do? What types are best? Do I do it before or after I strength train? We receive these questions on a daily basis from many of you in the Girls...
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15-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout
Kettlebell workouts are super effective and versatile. In fact, there's so much you can do with just one kettlebell, that simply by having one at home, you'll increase your exercise consistency and ensure you get in workouts even when you...
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15-Minute (Or Less!) Bodyweight HIIT Workout
Being a full-time mom and business owner is unbelievably rewarding and fulfilling. I get to do what I love with and for the people I love, and I also get to travel often. This also means that I'm often short...
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Safe And Effective Conditioning Workouts in Pregnancy
Fortunately, we know that exercise in pregnancy is highly beneficial to mom and baby. Barring any complications or contraindications, you should be exercising in pregnancy for best health and outcomes. But, how hard should you be exercising in pregnancy? And,...
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A Quick Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere
Sometimes leaving the house for a workout can seem daunting, for any number of reasons—terrible weather, long to-do list, you name it. That’s why I designed this workout you can do any time in your living room with no equipment. These exercises...
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Complexes: A Fantastic Way to Do a Lot of Work in Very Little Time
My last several of weeks have been packed full of amazing things. First was the most amazing Girls Gone Strong Event Weekend (where we can hang in person!), then packing up and heading to Salt Lake City where I will stay for the...
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