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Girls Gone Strong: Top 10 Articles of 2014

It’s been a fabulous year here at Girls Gone Strong.

We’ve released our flagship program, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training, we’ve put together an all-female Advisory Board of the most respected experts in the industry, we’ve co-hosted The Women’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City (which is the only seminar designed by women, for women), we keep packing our website chock-full of the most relevant female fitness information…and we are just getting started!

Sustainable & Efficient!

The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training will help you achieve maximum results, whether you’re new to strength training, or a veteran in the weight room.

We have big plans for 2015, but first, we would like to cap off 2014 with our Top 10 Articles of 2014.

Keep in mind, these weren’t chosen by us.  They were chosen by you, our community, so you know they’re good.

Without further ado, the Top 10 Articles of 2014.

#10 5 Myths of Pregnancy And Strength Training – Jessie Mundell

To strength train in pregnancy or not to strength train…that’s the question. Or is it? What our pre and post-natal expert Jessie Mundell tells you about strength training in pregnancy will probably surprise you.

#9 Why “Comply Or Die” Doesn’t Work For Fat Loss – Jill Coleman

“You can have a cookie and still like yourself after.” – Jill Coleman

Jill is the Queen of Moderation, and in this article, she walks you through why “diets” don’t work long-term, and why following a “comply or die” or “all or nothing” philosophy usually ends up being nothing.

#8 – Molly Galbraith’s Spotlight: A Woman’s Worth – Molly Galbraith

In this article, Molly shares her very personal story of her life struggles, weight struggles, and body image struggles, and how she overcame all of that and more to lead the Girls Gone Strong movement and change the game for women everywhere.

#7 – Ask Ann: Why Do My Knees Pop And Crack? – Ann Wendel

We get a lot of questions about “noisy” knees – what causes them? Should I be worried?  Do I need to see someone about them? Physical Therapist and Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member Ann Wendel answers all of that and more in this awesome post.

#6 – Complexes: A Killer Way To Torch Calories – Jen Comas

Looking for a killer workout that can be done in virtually no time?  Look no further than complexes.  In this article, Jen Comas explains what complexes are, why they are so effective, how to perform them, and then gives examples of her three favorites, one with a barbell, one with dumbbells, and one with body weight. Check it out!

#5 – Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell Swing – Karen Smith

Look around most gyms today and you’ll see the Kettlebell Swing positively butchered by most gym-goers.  That’s why we wanted you to learn how to perform the Swing from the only female Master STRONGFIRST Instructor in the world, Coach Karen Smith.  She will walk you through every step of the Swing to make sure it’s executed safely and effectively.

#4 – Ask Ann: How Should I Treat My Sore And Tight Hip Flexors? – Ann Wendel

Sore, tight, and achy hip flexors are a common complaint for a lot of gym goers.  Unfortunately, they often believe that stretching is the best remedy.  In this super-helpful article, Physical Therapist Ann Wendel explains why that probably isn’t true, and gives you advice on what you should be doing instead.

#3 – Returning To Exercise After A C-Section – Jessie Mundell

If you’re like most women who’ve had C-sections, you received very little detailed information from your doctor about returning to everyday activities post-surgery, much less returning to exercise.  And we get it – it’s not their specific scope of knowledge, but it’s unfortunate how little good information is available to women on how to recover from this major abdominal surgery.  Lucky for you, our pre and postnatal expert Jessie Mundell nails it with this article.

#2 –Hashimoto’s and Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid – Dr. Brooke Kalanick

Diet can play a huge role in managing Hashimoto’s, so make sure you learn the truth. If you’re a woman with Hashimoto’s, you probably already know that diet can have a huge effect on managing your symptoms. But have you been given the correct advice about what to eat and what to avoid?  Let Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member and Naturopath Dr. Brooke Kalanick set the record straight. She specializes in working with patients with Hashimoto’s and PCOS, and you’ll definitely want to hear what she has to say.

#1 –3 Biggest Fat Burning Myths For Active Women – Dr. Sue Kleiner

For the last several decades, Dr. Sue Kleiner has immersed herself in the world of sports nutrition.  From working with professional athletes, to writing books, to doing research, to co-founding Vynna, a company that specializes in sports nutrition supplements for women, Dr. Kleiner has done it all, and today she wants to clear up 3 of the most frustrating fat-burning myths for active women. Click here to read the article and you’ll see why it’s the most popular Girls Gone Strong article of 2014.

A message from GGS…

At Girls Gone Strong, we want you to feel confident knowing that what you’re doing to look good, feel good, and feel healthy and strong is not only based on tested, reliable, and safe information from trustworthy sources, but also that it is effective and efficient.

That’s why we developed our flagship training system, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training.

We’ve cut through all that noise and the BS with a sane, sustainable, and efficient approach that will help you achieve maximum results, whether you’re brand new to strength training, or a veteran in the weight room.
With four different 16-week programs—that’s 64 weeks of training—you get over a year’s worth of workouts, including progressions to ensure that you continue making progress. You’ll also get a training manual, exercise glossary, progress tracker, a bonus conditioning manual, plus a video library with over 70 high-definition videos breaking down each exercise, step by step.

We believe fitness should enhance your life instead of become your life. If you exercise in a way that you actually enjoy, staying fit and strong won’t ever feel like a drag. You’ll look forward to it for years to come.

If you want an entire training system that will help you look and feel your best, The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training is for you!

Learn more here!

About The Author: GGS

Girls Gone Strong is a force to be reckoned with fighting back against the $64 billion-a-year weight loss industry telling us we should be less instead of more. We have come together to provide a common voice of body-positive, evidence-based information to help women reach their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. Learn more about GGS here.

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