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4 Single-Leg Exercises You Definitely Haven’t Tried

If you’re looking to improve your overall performance, health, or aesthetics, single-leg exercises should be a key component of your workout program. Single-leg training delivers some pretty amazing benefits including: Glutes, glutes, glutes! We often hear that glutes are a product of squats and deadlifts, but really, single-leg exercises play a key role in helping […]

How To Train If You’re Dealing with Stress, Cortisol, or Adrenal Issues

“Just listen to your body!” We say it (and hear it!) all the time, but how do you actually do that? How do you listen to your body? Teaching women how to listen to what their own hormones are saying is at the heart of the work I do. If we can start listening, this […]

GGS Spotlight: Erika Kendall

Name: Erika Nicole Kendall Age: 32 Location: New York City What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? To me, it means realizing that thinness isn’t the most important thing a girl can achieve. Going “strong” is about being capable, being able, being self-sufficient, being strong. I love that I have this as […]

Why You Should Continue Training Through The Holidays

The holidays are a magical time. For many of us, this time of the year is full of festivities, events, and quality time spent making memories with loved ones. It’s also a time when our routines get thrown completely out of whack. Many people take time off of work, travel, or are busy hosting relatives […]

What To Do If Sex Hurts

Pain during sexual intercourse, called dyspareunia, is a common (but under-reported) experience. This pain can be due to a variety of factors, but unfortunately because of the taboo nature of the subject, many women suffer for years without getting help. They assume that there’s nothing that can be done about the pain they’re experiencing and […]

Bring Sexy Back By Redefining Your Own Beauty Standards

In the words made famous by Justin Timberlake, “I’m bringing sexy back.” Or at least, I’m really going to try! What if I told you that many things that are traditionally considered “sexy” are potentially harming your sex life? A flat stomach, tight clothes, high heels and a seductive posture aren’t just a woman’s cross […]

Should Women Take BCAAs?

Branched-chained amino acids (or BCAAs) are a popular pre- and during-workout supplement. As a woman who wants to optimize her training and nutrition to be healthy and strong and look as good as she feels, BCAAs, like creatine, could be a beneficial addition to your nutrition strategy. What are BCAAs and what do they do? […]

Nov, 20 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Steph “Iron Lioness” Dykstra

Name: Stephanie Rosemarie Dykstra A.K.A. Steph ‘Iron Lioness’ Age: 35 Location: Toronto, ON – Canada How long have you been strength training, and how did you get started? I’ve been strength training off, and on for eight years. I had always been involved in martial arts (kung fu, taekwondo, muay thai, boxing), and when I […]

Sex During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Oh, yes. We’re going there! This is such an important conversation to have about what’s normal and what’s not regarding consensual sexual intercourse in pregnancy and postpartum. Note: While we recognize that there are many ways to experience sexual pleasure, this article specifically addresses sexual intercourse involving vaginal penetration. Sex during and after pregnancy is […]

Perspective for the Woman with Wonky Hormones

It’s not easy being the girl with the wonky hormones. It’s not easy being the one whose efforts produce only a fraction of the results someone else may get. It feels unfair. It’s frustrating. I get it. It takes time and patience—and often expert advice and support—to dial in your own hormonal issues and get […]


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