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Beyond The Back Squat: 3 Squat Variations To Mix It Up

Whether your goal is to improve your performance or your body composition, the squat is an essential tool for success. Don’t be fooled! Though typically considered a lower body exercise, this “bang for your buck” move offers total-body benefits. Squatting not only strengthens and develops your leg muscles (most notably your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings), […]

Mar, 31 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Jill McLean

Name:   Jill McLean Age:  35 Location: Salem, Oregon What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? To me it means being strong and confident on the inside and out. It means not being afraid to show off my “guns” while also wearing lipgloss. It means not being afraid to be more, to take […]

4 Exercises To Ease Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

At some point in a 40-week pregnancy, most women are likely to experience some level of low back discomfort. Not all women will experience low back pain per se, but they’ll experience over the course of the pregnancy. That fatigue can lead to a discomfort that some women wouldn’t describe as painful, but will still […]

Mar, 29 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Melissa DiLeonardo

Name: Melissa DiLeonardo Age: 39 Location: Chicago, IL What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? So much. On the surface, it means I am a woman who loves to lift. Weightlifting has been a game changer in my life. I’ve worked in health and fitness for over ten years, but did not […]

You’re Doing A Good Job, Mama!

You really, truly are. Whatever it is you’re doing. Whatever it is you’re not doing. Please know that you’re doing a good job. Mama, you’re doing a good job, if you: Are breastfeeding twice a day, twenty times a day, or zero times a day. Didn’t try to breastfeed or are nursing a three-year old. […]

5 Mistakes Trainers Make When Coaching Postnatal Clients

Exercise is incredibly beneficial after pregnancy, though your client’s workouts will look quite different from what she might have been used to doing before the baby’s arrival. Coaching postnatal fitness clients, when done well, supports all the transitions happening in a new mom’s body as well as her life. Good postnatal fitness coaching is thorough, […]

The Difference Between Training for Strength and Training for Hypertrophy

The goal of training for hypertrophy is to increase muscle size, and the goal of training for strength is to maximize the amount of force produced with those muscles in relation to skeletal structure. Although by definition, these two approaches to training aim to produce different results, when programmed thoughtfully, they complement each other. When […]

Who Gets to be Fit? Working out the Intersections of Fitness

As you’ve scoured the Internet throughout the course of your fitness journey, have you ever used the Google image search engine? I know I have. I’ve used it to find pictures of specific muscles and proper lifting form, and even cute fitness attire, among many other things. When we search for images, we are often […]

Getting Started With Indoor Rowing

The indoor rower, originally developed as a training tool for water rowing, has become a preferred training tool regularly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts across many levels of fitness and ability. Indoor rowing is infinitely more accessible than water rowing, both in terms of physical convenience and required skill. However, the indoor rower is […]

Mar, 12 GGS GGS Spotlight

GGS Spotlight: Stephanie Powell

Name:  Stephanie Powell Age: 29 Location: Las Vegas What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you? To me, being a Girl Gone Strong means identifying your fears and weaknesses, then putting forth an effort to overcome and strengthen those fears and weaknesses (in the gym and in life). How long have you been […]