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Tools and support for true, lasting change through body-positive, evidence-based, sustainable nutrition, training, and self-care information.

Books & Programs

Girls Gone Strong Level 1 Coaching Certification

Our GGS Level 1 Coaching Certification will provide you with a deeper understanding of women, the skills to coach them, and the ability to turn what you know about coaching women into world-class results.

In addition, you’ll learn the unique GGS coaching methodology we’ve tested, refined, and proven with combined 250+ years of real-world coaching and research with women.

Our next enrollment is in April 2019. Click below to learn more and join our free, no-obligation pre-sale list where you’ll save up to $388 USD!

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Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification

The world’s best pre- and postnatal certification for fitness and healthcare professionals.

With our program, you’ll master the skills, tools, and techniques to give your female clients the positive experience they deserve at all stages of their pregnancy — and long after they deliver.

Our next enrollment is in late 2019. Click below to learn more and join our free, no-obligation pre-sale list where you’ll save up to $388 USD!

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Small Group Coaching with Girls Gone Strong

Get the exact results you’re looking for, without spending your life in the gym. Finally—there’s a way of eating and exercising that’s effective, enjoyable, and easier than ever before (even if you’ve tried everything).

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DIY Exercise Programs for Women

Get the Exact Results You Want – Without Fear of Getting Hurt – or Spending Your Life in the Gym.

Get Results is a set of four programs, all laser-focused on helping you get the results you’ve always wanted. Get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat (or do all three!) — without spending your life in the gym.

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The World's Best Pregnancy Information

Moms Gone Strong is a 400+ page manual, 250+ page progress tracker, and 100+ video library of exercises designed to help women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, and postpartum have their happiest, healthiest, safest, and strongest experience ever.

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