Unlike most websites, we make very little money (if any) from commissions garnered through this site. Instead, we choose to offer our own information solutions like our certifications, our Moms Gone Strong and Get Results Programs, and our GGS Coaching to fund the work we do here at Girls Gone Strong.

This allows us to keep our site free of ads while offering the highest quality information possible to our community. As mentioned above, we make very little (if any) commission through links on the site.

Prior to January 1st, 2015, we affiliated a small handful of products on our site. After January 1st we made the decision to no longer affiliate, however there may be some affiliate links still active in few older articles. That said, please know we would never hide our intentions from you and we would never recommend products we don't believe in or use.

Occasionally, within an article, we will link to products you can purchase on Amazon.com via our Amazon Affiliate links. These links are infrequent, and we only link to products if we personally like them and think you or someone you know would benefit from them.

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