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Picture this: all women speakers, discussing women-centric training, nutrition, and self-care topics, to an audience of all women in a stunning, relaxing waterfront venue in Seattle. Our events are for fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike. For women who want to own their space, and be more instead of less, this is for you.

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About the Women’s Strength and Empowerment Weekend

We laughed. We cried. We lifted. The Women’s Strength and Empowerment Weekend held in April 2017 was so awesome! We spent three glorious days in Kirkland, Washington, enjoying the beauty and splendor of Lake Washington. There were many amazing women from all over, and there was gal pal time as well as speakers, help with exercise, and fun activities like ripping up magazines. Overall, the weekend was beyond fabulous!

Check out some of the beautiful women who joined in the fun!

Here’s a list of the awesome speakers and topics they covered:

  • Kelly Coffey — Wellness: Why Bother?
  • Neghar Fonooni — Beyond Our Bodies
  • Dr. Helen Kollias — The problem with calorie counting: Why calorie counting is flawed and a better option
  • Dr. Larissa Mercado‐Lopez — Digging through the “Isms” of Fitness
  • Dr. Kara Mohr — Mindset, Motivation and Habit Change
  • Leigh Peele — Variations and Determining Factors in Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE): A Lesson for a Better Understanding of Daily Metabolic Rate
  • Melody Schoenfeld — Tearing Into Preconceived Notions
  • And hands-on activities with Elisabeth Akinwale, Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake, Jill Coleman, and Jessie Mundell

Plus some amazing Bonus Day activities!

  • Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake and Stephanie Dykstra — Let’s Talk Squat!
  • Elisabeth Akinwale and Jen Sinkler — Deconstructing the Deadlift
  • Molly Galbraith and Jessie Mundell — Core + Pelvic Floor Training
  • Erin Brown — Identifying and Attaining Your Soul‐Driven Goals
  • Susan Kleiner — Performance Nutrition for Women
  • Jen Comas and Amber Thome — Nutrition Habits and Skill‐Building for Lasting Success

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