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We here at girls gone strong think you ARE ready for the jelly, and we are here to help you get it, bootylicious and all.

Knowing how to properly engage and train your glutes  is integral to getting the body you want and deserve-both in appearance and in function. Not only are the glutes incredibly powerful and their activation important for the performance of just about every exercise, they happen to be the muscle group that most of us really want to develop.

I mean, who doesn’t want to show off their hard earned booty in a pair of yoga pants?

Check out some of the GGS crew as they got their training on in Baltimore this week. You’ll notice a lot of glute training!

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A sizeable, strong butt is something to be proud of, and in honor of your booty, the Girls Gone Strong have compiled this list to help you design your glute training. Now, we all know that squats and deadlifts are the king of lifts, but there are some tremendously effective glute exercises that you might not be doing.

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5 Glute Exercises You Might Not Be Doing

1. Lateral Band Walks


Keep the same same distance between feet at all times and maintain tension on the bands.

Set your hips back and keep your  knees soft.


Let your knees cave in.

Let your upper body rock or your hips hike up and down.


2. High Step Ups


Set the bench up at a height that drops your hip below your knee to fully engage the glute.

Drive through the heel of the up leg.


Push off excessively through the down leg.

Let your core disengage on the way down.

Let your hip kick out or knee cave in on the up leg.


3. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift


Hinge at the hip of the standing leg and keep the knee soft. 

Keep your hips square and foot of the up leg pointing towards the ground.

Keep the back leg straight glute engaged.

Use your lats to keep the weight connected to your body (if using weight).


Round at the back, especially the low back.

Go further into the hinge than your current mobility and stability level will allow you to.

Take your leg higher than your hips or your torso lower than your hips.


4. Kettlebell Swing 


Use your hips to accelerate the bell in an explosive fashion.

Brace your abs and squeeze your glutes at the top.

Bend your knees and set your hips back at the bottom.

Swing the bell back quickly through your legs.


Lift up the bell with your arms.

Arch your back at the top.

Lift the bell up over your head. 

Round your back at the bottom.


5. Skater Squat 

(You can find out more about this exercise HERE.)


Drop your rear knee back far enough to keep your front knee from going past your toes. 

Reach your arms out in front as a counter balance.


Let your weight shift forward.

Try to go too deep too soon.


You can implement one or all of these exercises in your existing program to help build and strengthen your glutes, as long as you listen to your body and progress safely. If you’re not familiar with any of these exercises, a quick YouTube search will provide some examples; we’ve given you some do’s and don’ts for each to help you do them successfully.

About the Author: Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is a writer, coach, veteran and mom. She is an unabashed scifi geek with an inherent love for yoga, cooking and wine. You can find out more about her at Eat, Lift and be Happy