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Girls Gone Strong

Strong Women Lift Each Other Up Video Series

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Strong Women Lift Each Other Up Video Series — Silver Bundle


5+ hours of high-quality video sessions and hands-on demonstrations from 6 different experts

  • Dr. Sue Kleiner – The Role of Carbohydrate in Active Women
  • Jen Sinkler – 3 Exercises That ARE For Women (Bent Press, Jefferson Deadlift, Pull-up)
  • Erin Brown – Body Embracement and Personal Power
  • Dr. Brooke Kalanick – Hormones and Menopause: Strategies to Help You Feel Better
  • Elsbeth Vaino – Is It Coachable or Structural? Determining Which Exercises Are Right For You
  • Ann Wendel – [Hands-On] How to Use Kettlebells in Rehab
  • Fabienne Marier

    Fabienne Marier

    “In a world where women are bombarded with a lot of conflicting information, often with an underlying theme of preying on insecurities to covertly sell new products or methods, the presentations at this event are a breath of fresh air! ”

  • Vickie McPartland

    Vickie McPartland

    “As a clinical exercise physiologist, I’m very particular when it comes to health and exercise information that is presented to the public, and this summit contains information I am proud to recommend to my clients, friends, and family. ”