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Strongest You Coaching is a 9-month program that gives you tools to succeed and puts the power to make lasting changes in your hands.

You’ll learn how to:

- Let fitness enhance your life instead of become your life
- Heal your relationship with food and your body
- Eat and exercise in a way you actually enjoy so you can sustain it for a lifetime

Registration opens October 4th, with limited spots available.

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What is Strongest You Coaching?

It’s a 9 month program that gives you tools to succeed and puts the power to make lifelong changes in your hands (where it should be).

Is Strongest You Coaching Right For Me?

This entirely online program is for any woman who wants to become the strongest, healthiest, most gorgeous person she can be – inside and out.

The women who enroll in this program are busy moms and professionals. Some have never worked out before. Some are women who have worked out hardcore all their lives. Others are simply trying to get back to feeling healthy and fit.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Feel empowered by your fitness training – not held hostage by it
  • Heal your relationship with food and your body image
  • Rock a healthy lifestyle instead of just paying lip service to it


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Meet Your Coaches



As a Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board Member and Nutrition Coach, Jen guides women to their goals using practical and effective techniques that focus on habit change and the power of choice. Jen’s mission is to prove that optimal health and fitness doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – all-or-nothing.


Amber is passionate about helping women reach their health and fitness goals in a sane and sustainable way, while helping them fall in love with themselves. In her free time you can find Amber hanging with her husband and dog Nico, trail running, and drinking good coffee and wine.


Kara is a nationally recognized expert in the area of behavior change, nutrition and fitness. She has a B.S. in psychology and a M.S. and Ph.D. in exercise physiology. Kara’s mission is to empower women to live life fully engaged as the best version of themselves using strategies for optimizing mindset, movement and nutrition. In her free time Kara enjoys cooking with her husband and having kitchen dance parties with their two daughters. She loves to lift, push, and pull heavy things and can’t imagine a day that doesn’t begin without meditation.

3 Key Components

Nutrition Guidance

Learning how to eat to be healthy isn’t just about knowing which foods to choose. And, it’s definitely not about counting calories. Making good decisions around food has to do with having the knowledge and confidence to eat in a way that’s best for you and your body.

Your Coach will give you customized advice specific to your goals, eating history, likes, and dislikes. You’ll never be boxed into a one size fits all diet. We don’t tell you WHAT to eat. Instead, you’ll get tons of suggestions so you can choose options that work with your lifestyle.

Fitness Training

You’ll get a tailor made fitness program that fits your goals. Our world class Coaches can put together exercises that will help you do anything from losing body fat, to healing your pelvic floor post pregnancy, to deadlifting double your bodyweight.

Staying safe and injury free is a top priority. You’ll get detailed feedback from our Coaches via video throughout the entire course of the program… so you’ll never wonder if you’re doing things right.

Mindset Coaching

Good nutrition and a rock solid fitness plan are essential to becoming healthy… but, they will only take you so far.

You’ll discover how to move beyond tying your self-worth to a body fat percentage or number on the scale, you’ll get actionable steps to turn that inner voice into a kinder and gentler version of itself.

The goal is to learn how to love yourself inside and out, so that you can feel positive about yourself now. Not someday.

Plus — Private Online Coaching Group for Members Only

The Strongest You Coaching Group program happens entirely online. Over the course of 9 months, you’ll be in continual contact not only with your Coach, but also the other women in the program via a private Facebook group available only to members of the program and their Coaches.

In this private Facebook group you’ll be able to ask questions, share your wins, and support each other. Your personal Girls Gone Strong Coach will be checking in 6 days a week – ready to help with any feedback, information, or cheerleading you may need.

Think of this as your inner circle of the most motivated and motivating women you’ll ever meet. And, all of them will be going on this incredible journey with you.

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It’s not one size fits all...

"...they really work with you one-on-one and ask you questions about what you’re eating and what your daily life is like so they can help you fit in exercise and diet in a way that isn’t going to take over your world."

— Molli

I've changed.

"I’ve found myself interacting differently with people I think because you know I’ve changed and I’m more of a happy person, I’m more of a confident person."

— Bridgett

I deserve it.

"Exercise, I now do out of joy and because I deserve it rather than as punishment. I lost 20 pounds and 30 inches and have not gained it back. "

— Lisa

Pre-register here and be the first to know when registration opens for the next coaching group!