Physical Therapist Ann Wendel and Dr. Cassandra Forsythe discuss

How to Deal with Back Pain

If you've ever dealt with an injury or chronic pain

… you know how frustrating and scary it can be.  You feel helpless and out of control, and you just want your body to function like it used to.

We understand, and that’s why we’ve put together an incredible resource called The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook that we are excited to share with you below.

Before we do, we want to tell you about Megan, a 27 year old athlete and personal trainer, who used our Handbook with incredible results.

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Case Study: How Megan Came Back From Injury Feeling Better Than Ever!


As a soccer player with a two-year stint as a college cheerleader, Megan always excelled athletically, despite having hip issues that caused her a bit of discomfort.

In 2011, she started having intermittent hip pain that gradually got much worse.

She started working with a physical therapist who chalked up her hip pain to quad dominance and gluteal amnesia.

But that explanation wasn’t enough for Megan.

She wanted to know why she was in pain, and why it was getting so bad that she could hardly sleep, much less play soccer or lift weights at a high level.

In the summer of 2014, Megan discovered Girls Gone Strong, and started reading our articles about hip pain from Physical Therapist Ann Wendel. Within the articles, Ann discussed a number of factors that could lead to hip pain, including FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement).

Megan speculated that FAI may be her problem, and took the information she learned in our articles to an athletic trainer whom she worked with during her physical therapy sessions. The athletic trainer agreed that Megan may suffer from FAI, and together they suggested this possibility to the PT, who wasn’t convinced.

He sent her to see a neurosurgeon who diagnosed her with avascular necrosis. When her MRI came back negative for avascular necrosis, she was so frustrated with yet another dead-end, that she made an appointment with surgeon to discuss the possibility of having FAI.


A quick x-ray confirmed that Megan did, in fact, have CAM FAIS. In other words, the “ball” in the socket of her hip was misshapen, and every time she would turn, pivot, or rotate, she would shear her labrum

Within a month she had surgery to repair two tears in her right hip labrum.

Over the course of 8-9 months after her surgery, she recovered beautifully, working with her athletic trainer and using elements of The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook to improve her mobility and stability, get stronger, and return to traditional strength training in a safe, healthy, and effective way.

Since using the program, her aches and pains have slowly disappeared, and according to Megan, our program helped her “re-learn” how to use her body, so it works as a team.

Megan says, “Girls Gone Strong has helped me out tremendously I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for a group of women who just “get it.”

My hips feel awesome!

I get a little sore on my right side and I have to take more de-load weeks than before surgery, but I am going in the right direction now, thanks to Girls Gone Strong!

If you have struggled with injury or pain, Megan’s story may have resonated with you.

We receive inquiries from Girls Gone Strong Community members all the time asking how to deal with nagging injuries, or asking for our help in working around chronic pain.

Trust us, we understand...

After working with thousands of women in our community we realize that fear of injury or pain is holding a lot of women back from reaching their potential in the gym.

That's why we feel so passionate about offering this Injury Prevention Handbook for just $17

Fear of injury can put a huge damper on your motivation to train hard

You may find yourself asking:

  • What’s the point of going to the gym if I’m in pain afterward?
  • I can’t work out as hard as I want to, so why work out at all?
  • What if I hurt myself again?

For many women, it’s enough to make them want to throw in the towel completely.

But it’s not your fault.

According to Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer, Ann Wendel:

“Injuries can be scary, and pain is an incredibly complicated and misunderstood topic.

The problem is, we find women on both ends of the spectrum; there are those who will push through any kind of pain at all costs, and those whose fear of getting hurt keeps them out of the gym and away from training altogether.  Neither of those is a good long-term strategy.

You must teach your body to work as a team, improve your deep central stability system, learn good movement patterns, and then build strength on top of a solid foundation.”

The problem is that many people think results only come from a super-hardcore, no-pain, no-gain approach meaning pushing through pain and injury, not listening to your body, and often ending up sidelined with something major.

And it’s just not true. 

Ask yourself this: doesn’t it make sense to add a few short sections to your workout that will improve your mobility, stability, and strength, and start listening to your body when something doesn’t feel right, rather than push through for the sake of ego and possibly get hurt?

The truth is, when you push past your body’s ability to control a movement or a weight, or you do something you’re not prepared for, it often does more harm than good.

  • Woman injured kneeMany training programs and exercise classes are built on the idea that pairing together random high-intensity exercises in a random fashion with no purpose or plan or progression is a good idea. Yes, life is unpredictable and it’s a good idea to be prepared by being strong, but consistently doing heavy Squats after Burpees to failure isn’t preparing you for life. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


  • Many people “prepare” for their workouts by walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes, and then jumping right into their workout for the day. Not only is this not preparing you for your workout, but it’s completely ignoring any specific mobility work, activation work, or movement prep that your body might need to more resilient and less susceptible to injury.


  • If you’ve suffered from an injury or chronic pain in the past, it’s very likely that you’ve become protective of that area of your body. It’s not uncommon for the tissue around the injury site to become stiff, and for the neighboring joints to lose mobility. It’s very important that once you’ve been cleared by your Physical Therapist to return to exercise, that you work on regaining normal range of motion.

At Girls Gone Strong we want training to be part of your life forever

And we know that staying healthy is key

We want to help you:

Master your body and move well.

Build a strong and stable foundation to keep you safe and healthy.

Understand how the body works as a team, and understand what happens when it doesn’t.

But most importantly…

We want to teach you how you can train smart and get great results.

That’s why we have devoted so much time and energy to putting together resources to help our community members reach their goals in the fastest and safest way possible.

Here Are A Few Important Topics We Cover In The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook

  • Dysfunction

    Why it's not always a bad thing, and how to manage it

  • Relaxation

    Why learning to relax might be one of the best things you’ve done to reduce your injury risk

  • Balance

    Where you need more mobility, where you need more stability, and why it matters

  • The "Team" Approach To Training

    Exactly what you need to do before you train to help re-teach your body to work as a team, and gain the mobility and stability you need in your body

Committing to your health is an investment that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

What you do (or don't do!) in the gym today will affect your quality of life in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Why not arm yourself with the best information possible?

G-Bug large blockGirls Gone Strong has worked with thousands of women just like you, and in doing so, we’ve been able to test and refine the best methods to stay safe and healthy.

We’ve done all the hard work, made all the mistakes, and figured out what works (and what doesn’t).

And now we’ve taken our proven methods and put them it into a simple, easy-to-follow handbook.

This handbook and the information it contains is exceptionally valuable, but because we are so passionate about helping as many women as possible get amazing results safely and healthfully, we are offering it for just $17.

We don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone in our community, and we feel that the price of this handbook makes it accessible to the thousands of women who really need it.

For just $17, you can learn:

What to do before your workout to prepare your body to perform

Why “life stress” is affecting your body and workouts more than you think

How to stay as safe and healthy as possible in less than 10 minutes a day

The Modern Woman's Injury Prevention Handbook

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A quick easy resource to help you stay safe and healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook?

    The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook is an easy to consume resource that walks you through the exact steps you need to follow to prepare your body to gain mobility and stability where you need it most, helping you stay healthy and safe.

    This Handbook was developed after receiving countless messages from members of our community, plagued with nagging aches, pains, and injuries.

  • Why is it so inexpensive? Is there a catch?

    No, there is no catch. The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook is modestly priced for because Girls Gone Strong is a community that cares about helping women stay safe and get results, and we don’t want price to be a barrier for anyone.  We feel like pricing it at $17 makes it very accessible to women who need it.

    We also realize that many women feel like they’ve tried everything, and are hesitant to purchase “another program,” so we want to give those women an opportunity to try our solutions at a very low price.  With a 60-day money back guarantee, and a $17 price tag, we’ve done our best to remove any doubts you may have about trying our program.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    As always, every one of our products is backed by a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your investment, send us a quick email within 7 days of purchase, and we will refund your money.

  • How long will it take to The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook to arrive?

    The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention Handbook is a digital program, meaning once your order is processed you will be granted access to the downloadable content. It generally takes less than 10-15 minutes to get to your inbox.