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Videos: Strength Training

How To Do a Band Pull Apart, Standing Band Row, and Face Pull

Here I’m going to demonstrate three of my favorite pulling exercises, the first is a band pull apart. Band pull aparts seems really simple, but there are a couple tips and tricks you can use to make it more effective. I actually like to start with my back up against a post or doorway or […]

1.5 Rep Goblet Squat

1.5 Rep Goblet Squat Exercise The 1.5 rep goblet squat is one of many great kettlebell exercises you can use to strengthen the lower body and anterior core. This exercise is a perfect option if you don’t have access to a heavier kettlebell, as the 1.5 reps makes it more challenging than the regular goblet squat. Because you […]

Barbell Bent Over Row

Barbell Bent Over Row Exercise The barbell bent over row is a great exercise to strengthen the musculature of the back and core. It also strengthens the shoulders, and to a lesser degree, the arms. Equipment needed: A barbell should be used for this exercise. A traditional barbell may be used, and to increase the resistance, lifters may add […]

Glutes Gone Strong Video

Knowing how to properly engage and train your glutes is an integral part of improving your strength levels, performance, aesthetics, and health. Your glutes have the potential to be incredibly powerful and their activation is important for the performance of almost every exercise.  In addition they happen to be a muscle group that many women are interested in developing.

Band Resisted Romanian Deadlift

Band Resisted Romanian Deadlift Exercise The band resisted Romanian deadlift exercise strengthens the musculature of the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings), hips, and core. Heavier band resisted deadlifts also strengthen the muscles of the lower, mid and upper back, scapula stabilizers, upper arms, and forearms. The band resisted Romanian deadlifts is a great exercise for women […]

Walk Out

Video Transcription:  I am going to demonstrate what we call a walk out, and all of its variations.  A walk out is a great exercise that we use for the anterior core but depending on what variation you use it can also be an upper body pushing movement.  It’s really similar to what a lot […]

Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Swiss Ball Leg Curl Exercise The supine hip extension to leg curl, also known as a swiss ball leg curl, is a fantastic exercise that strengthens and develops the glutes and hamstrings. While many hamstring exercises primarily target the hip extensors, this exercise targets the knee flexors and helps us bring our heels closer to our glutes. […]


Step-Up Exercise The step-up exercise is a simple, foundational movement that occurs frequently in daily life. This exercise helps develop strength and stability through the lower body and core. This movement requires controlling the movement of the hips and knees as you step up onto a step or box. Equipment needed: You will need a stable box, step, or bench […]

Push-up and Incline Push-Up

Push-Up And Incline Push-Up Exercise The push-up is a great bodyweight exercise that will help you strengthen the chest, shoulders, arms, and the anterior core. It should be a staple in your workout program. Many people perform this effective and versatile bodyweight exercise very incorrectly. Contrary to what you might have heard, there is no such thing […]

Plank To Push Up

Plank To Push-Up Exercise The plank to push-up is a great exercise for strengthening the musculature of upper body, anterior core, and to a smaller extent, the muscles of the posterior core and glutes. The plank push-up is a perfect option if you are a beginner and need to gain the necessary levels of core stability and upper […]