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Plank To Push Up

How To Do A Plank To Push up YouTube

Video Transcription: 

This is a plank to push-up position and it’s exactly what it sounds like. You’re going to start on the plank position, you’re going to come up to a push-up position and come back down. You can go up on the same arm and down on the same arm and then switch, or you can alternate every time, doesn’t really matter.  It’s whatever your preference is. So again, start on in a nice, solid plank position, keep everything nice and tight. And then you’re going to go to a push-up position, and then back down to a plank position, and then push-up position, and back down to a plank position. The key is to stay really tight the whole time, you don’t want your butt to come up in the air, you don’t want your core to sag. And you just go plank position to push-up position and back down.

About The Author: Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith, CSCS is co-founder and owner of Girls Gone Strong as well as a member of the Advisory Board and the author of The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training. Molly is committed to helping women look and feel their best, and works tirelessly to combat persistent misconceptions that often deter women from exploring their physical strength. Learn more about Molly on her website and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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