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About GGS

What is Girls Gone Strong?

We are a FORCE to be reckoned with.

Girls Gone Strong is fighting back against the $64 billion-a-year weight loss industry telling us we should be less instead of more. These corporations (often run by men on Wall Street) prey on women’s insecurities for profit. They want us to believe that there is something wrong with our bodies, that only their pill, powder, or gadget can fix.

There is an entire industry out there…

  • trying to box us into a cookie-cutter look, style, size, and shape.
  • picking apart women’s bodies, fashion sense, and lifestyle choices.
  • saying strong women look like men.
  • hell-bent on convincing us that we are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too strong, too weak, too bitchy, too aggressive, too manly, too slutty, too prudish, too loud, too big, too different, or too basic.
We believe there is no wrong way to have a body, and what is “right” for you is entirely up to you.

We believe every woman is enough just as she is, and the ultimate way to empower her is to give her the space to make all of the decisions she wants about her body and her life, without judgment.


We envision a world full of women who strive to be more, not less.

The Girls Gone Strong advisory board is a team of ten brilliant, world-class health and fitness professionals, each an expert in her respective field. We have come together to provide a common voice of body-positive, evidence-based information about strength training, nutrition, having a fit pregnancy, women’s health, physical therapy and injury prevention, fat loss, mindset, and much more.

Our advisory board combines the latest research with decades of experience working with women in the real world to offer solutions that help women reach their goals in a realistic, sustainable, and compassionate way.

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Every week you'll receive information to help you reach your personal fitness goals, from world-class experts and coaches who have your best interest at heart. You'll never have to be on this journey alone again.

How We Can Help

From simple handbooks, to a complete training system and personalized guidance, we offer real-life solutions to help you reach your goals in a realistic and compassionate way.

GGS Handbooks

If you want information about a very specific topic, you’ll love our super-accessible, simple, and actionable handbooks.


Showing All The Way Up: A Guide To Confidence With Erin Brown—Improve your confidence and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

The Modern Woman’s Fat Loss Handbook—Lose body fat in a sane, sustainable, and compassionate way.

The Modern Woman’s Injury Prevention HandbookDecrease your nagging aches and pains, move better, and reduce your risk of injury.

The Girls Gone Strong Progress HandbookBust through your plateau and make more progress in the gym.


Effective, Efficient, and Comprehensive Training Program

Ad-MWG-Transparent-344x414If you want a plan to help you look good, feel good, and feel healthy and strong that’s effective and efficient, then our flagship training system, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training is for you.

We’ve cut through all that noise and the BS with a sane, sustainable, and efficient approach that will help you achieve maximum results, whether you’re brand new to strength training, or a veteran in the weight room.

With four different 16-week programs—that’s 64 weeks of training—you get over a year’s worth of workouts, including progressions to ensure that you continue making progress. You’ll also get a training manual, exercise glossary, progress tracker, a bonus conditioning manual, plus a video library with over 70 high-definition videos breaking down each exercise, step by step.

We believe fitness should enhance your life instead of become your life. If you exercise in a way that you actually enjoy, staying fit and strong won’t ever feel like a drag. You’ll look forward to it for years to come.


World-Class Coaching Program

Ad-SYC-Transparent-360x414If you’re interested in having one of our world-class coaches hold your hand every step of the way, our 9-month Strongest You Coaching program may be right for you.

It’s an online group coaching program that gives you tools to succeed and puts the power to make lasting changes in your hands.

In this program, you’ll learn how to let fitness enhance your life instead of become your life, how to heal your relationship with food and your body, and how to eat and exercise in a way that you actually enjoy and will want to sustain forever.

At Girls Gone Strong, we understand that health and happiness is about so much more than your jean size or your squat PR. True health means no longer obsessing about food, but having the knowledge and confidence to eat in a way that’s best for you and your body.

It’s not about crushing yourself in the gym day in and day out. And it’s not about following a cookie-cutter program that’s been given to thousands of other women. Instead you’ll get a customized program that fits your goals, so you can train smarter, not harder, and get the results you want.

Finally, it’s NOT about hating your body into submission. We give you simple, actionable steps to focus on your self-talk and inner dialogue so that you can show yourself more grace and compassion, and start loving the skin you’re in. You’ll no longer tie your self-image to a body fat percentage or number on the scale. We’re going to teach you to finally treat your body with the love and respect it deserves.


Become Part of the Girls Gone Strong Community!

Every week you'll receive information to help you reach your personal fitness goals, from world-class experts and coaches who have your best interest at heart. You'll never have to be on this journey alone again.

These ten brilliant women, all world-class experts in their respective fields, make up the Girls Gone Strong Advisory Board. Together we work toward one common purpose: to provide women with evidence-based, body-positive information and use a united voice to silence the fear-mongering multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry and mainstream media who prey on women’s insecurities for profit.

We envision a world full of women who strive to be more, not less.

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