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What Is Girls Gone Strong

As I scrolled through our Facebook activity recently, I came across a message written by someone who shared one of our articles:

This is a VERY long article, but very inspirational, encouraging and true! Girls Gone Strong is surely one of those groups that wants to coach you or sell you their special shakes and what not but they also show some amazing transformations and give real HEALTHY advise. Worth the read!!

I appreciated the positive feedback about the article, but was taken aback by the sentence, “Girls Gone Strong is surely one of those groups that wants to coach you or sell you their special shakes and what not…”

I immediately felt compelled to respond and clear things up:

“Hi! Thanks for the kind words about the article, but just to be clear, we don’t sell any ‘special shakes.’

In fact, we don’t affiliate, promote, or endorse any products on our site, and we don’t allow any advertising. We’ve actually turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars (at least) in these types of opportunities. We are fully funded by only promoting handbooks, training programs, and coaching programs we have created, because we want to be 100% in charge of maintaining the integrity of information our community receives. Hope that clears things up a bit!”

To which she responded:

“Thanks so much for replying! I respect and appreciate your page even more with that being said. Keep up the good work!”

You see, our decision to not sell “special shakes”—or any other supplement for that matter—is not by accident. It is a very deliberate decision that has left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table (if not much more) over the last five years since Girls Gone Strong was formed.

It’s about people, not profit.

It’s part of a much bigger decision to not only not promote a special shake, but to not actively endorse, promote, or affiliate any product or program on our site that is not ours. In addition, we don’t allow any advertising on our website or social media platforms. We receive close to a dozen emails a day from companies all over the world asking to purchase advertising space on one of our mediums. They all want to know how much it would cost to gain access to our community.

We quickly let them know that our community is not for sale. Let me repeat that.

You are not for sale. Our reputation is not for sale. Our integrity is not for sale.

JenMollyFullBody-293x466I’ve spent five years of blood, sweat, and tears—with the help and support of many, many others— to turn Girls Gone Strong into a website with the most trusted content for women’s health, wellness, nutrition, training, and lifestyle information in the world. Period.

We do things a little differently.

We have come together to provide a common voice of body-positive, evidence-based information about strength training, nutrition, having a fit pregnancy, women’s health, physical therapy and injury prevention, fat loss, mindset, and much more. Our Advisory Board members are the top female experts in their fields. These brilliant, world-class health and fitness professionals—along with other highly-qualified contributors we hand select—combine the latest research with decades of experience working with women in the real world to offer solutions that help women reach their goals in a realistic, sustainable, and compassionate way.

Three different editors review our content before it goes back to the author for revisions, and then back to me before it is published. We do everything possible to vet our content to ensure that what we publish is the most up-to-date, evidence-based, helpful, and realistic information for women.

We may not always get it right. But we absolutely give a damn and we never stop trying.KarenSmith-KBDeadlift-319x383

You can trust what you read here.

We never want ad dollars from major corporations to drive the content we provide or the decisions we make. We feel passionately about this. We want to be driven by truth, integrity, and a desire to give women all over the world the tools to separate the good information from the nonsense.

Every day we stand up to the $64 billion-a-year weight loss industry. Countless companies attempt to sell women their products and services by encouraging them to be less instead of more. These companies make a profit from telling us there’s something wrong with us, and then sell us pills, powders, gadgets, and creams to “fix” it all.

You are not broken, and you don’t need fixing.

These companies use phrases like:

“Get rid of unsightly belly fat in 7 days!”

“Bye-bye, cottage cheese thighs!”

They work overtime to convince us that only with the help of whatever they’re selling will we finally be good enough.

This is straight-up bullshit, and we won’t stand for it.

We are a FORCE to be reckoned with.

We envision a world full of women who strive to be more, instead of less.

We envision a world full of women who take care of themselves because they deserve it, not because they think their bodies needs “fixing.”

We envision a world full of women who feel so incredible about themselves, their accomplishments, and their bodies, that they don’t spend any time negatively comparing themselves to anyone.

We envision a world full of women so confident that they don’t think they are better than everyone else, but rather, they clap their hands for, and lift up, the women around them.


We make valuable information accessible to all women.

We believe every woman is enough just as she is, and the ultimate way to empower her is to give her the space to make all of the decisions she wants about her body and her life, without judgment. So we provide information every single day to help women do just that.

You’re probably wondering how we are able offer all of this amazing information at no cost to you—and how we can do it without raking in money from promotions, endorsements, affiliations, and ads. It’s simple: our movement is fully funded through information, programs, and products we create and offer that give you an opportunity to select the level of guidance you want.

NegharFonooni-Pistol-330x339Free Content

The first level is absolutely free. Through the information and resources we provide on our website, social media channels, and newsletter you can educate yourself on how to reach your goals, whatever they may be. It costs us tens of thousands of dollars every month to provide this information for free, but we feel passionately that socioeconomic status shouldn’t prevent anyone from having access to the best health information. If you’d like to have all of our best and most up-to-date content sent directly to your inbox every week, the easiest way to do that is to sign up for our welcome newsletter here. With this welcome newsletter you will also get three FREE bonuses just for signing up: our Core Training Guide, Recipe Book, and 77 Weightlifting Tips For Women.

And if you’re interested in some of the more specific information we offer, we have these FREE resources available for download as well:


If you’re looking for a little (or a lot) more guidance, we offer these solutions as well:


Our reasonably priced handbooks give you simple, actionable information about specific topics like confidence, injury prevention, progress, and fat loss. Many of our community members tell us that with so much “noise” out there in the fitness space, it all gets very confusing and it’s hard to know what to do. These easy-to-read handbooks help quiet the noise and give you actionable steps you can start implementing immediately.

AnnWendelPointingAtBicep-198x459Complete Strength Training System

Our flagship training system, The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training offers a deeper level of support. It is designed for women seeking more detailed guidance on fitness and nutrition strategies to look good, feel good, and feel healthy and strong. We’ve cut through all the BS with a sane, sustainable, balanced, and efficient approach that will help you achieve maximum results, whether you’re brand new to strength training, or a veteran in the weight room.

With four different 16-week programs—that’s 64 weeks of training—you get over a year’s worth of workouts, including progressions to ensure that you continue making progress. You’ll also get a training manual, exercise glossary, progress tracker, a bonus conditioning manual, plus a video library with over 70 high-definition videos breaking down each exercise, step by step.

Strongest You Coaching Program

Our Strongest You Coaching program delivers the greatest amount of support, allowing you to work closely with one of our world-class Girls Gone Strong coaches to reach your goals. It’s an online group coaching program that gives you tools to succeed and puts the power to make lasting changes in your hands.

At Girls Gone Strong, we understand that health and happiness are about so much more than the size of your jeans or your squat PR. True health includes no longer obsessing about food, and instead having the knowledge and confidence to eat in a way that’s best for you and your body.

In this program, you’ll learn how fitness can enhance your life instead of become your life. You’ll also learn how to heal your relationship with food and your body, and how to eat and exercise in a way that you actually enjoy and will be able to sustain forever with ease and confidence.


It’s not about crushing yourself in the gym, day in and day out, and you won’t be following a cookie-cutter program that’s been given to thousands of other women. Your Strongest You coach will give you a customized program that fits your goals, so you can train smarter, not harder, and get the results you want.

It’s also not about hating your body into submission. Throughout the program we’ll give you simple, actionable steps to focus on your self-talk and inner dialogue so that you can show yourself more grace and compassion, and start loving the skin you’re in. You’ll no longer tie your self-image to a body fat percentage or number on the scale. You will learn how to finally treat your body with the love and respect it deserves.

Girls Gone Strong Apparel

In addition to these products and programs, our Girls Gone Strong apparel also supports our mission.

Of course you’re never required to buy anything, and you will always have access to the free content we provide. (In fact, if you sign up below to receive our newsletter, you’ll get our absolute best content designed to ErinBrown-333x407help you reach your health and fitness goals, delivered straight to your inbox every week!) But it’s important to us that you understand that we do everything in our power to deliver the absolute best information possible, and that this information is fully funded through your support, not a big corporation who couldn’t care less about your long-term health and well-being.

No one else in the fitness industry is doing things the way we are because most people would argue that it just doesn’t make business sense. Most people are looking at the bottom line first, everything else second (if at all). But we are looking at you first, and because it’s imperative to us that we remain your most trusted resource, we will never compromise our reputation by offering something that’s less-than-amazing.

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