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Author: Alli McKee

Exercise Spotlight: Single-Leg Squat

  Single-Leg Squats are one of my absolute favorite unilateral squat variations.  However, a full Single-Leg Squat (also called a Pistol Squat) isn’t an appropriate exercise for everyone, nor is it the right place to start for a beginner. Below I will show you two other Single-Leg Squat variations that are appropriate for beginner and […]

20 Tips For Combatting the Winter Blues

While it may not be cold, dark and wintery for everyone this time of year, it certainly is for many. So we at Girls Gone Strong wanted to offer our readers a collection of ways to stay strong, happy and low stress in mind, body and spirit during the winter months. We surveyed some of […]

Yoga – It Does A Body Good!

When I started practicing yoga two to three times per week on a regular basis, I initially sought it out as a departure from my typical training routines as well to learn ways to make my body stronger, so I could work towards some of my ultimate bodyweight performance goals, particularly, the human flag. (Pictured […]

The Deadlift: The Most Powerful Weapon In Your Lifting Arsenal

The deadlift is one of the most primitive, fundamental, full body exercises you can do. With zero momentum involved, you simply bend at the hips, sit your arse back, pick a dead weight up off the floor and put it down. While it may be that simple, there’s still a bit more you should know. Benefits […]

Keeping Strength Fresh

  “Don’t write off the importance of hard work, the guts to keep at it, a definite goal, and the ability to have fun in the process. If there’s no fun in it, something’s wrong with all you’re doing. “ —Norman Vincent Peale     Work, goals, and fun are such important factors in all […]

30 and Going Strong!

  I just celebrated my 30th birthday last week and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the end of an era coming to a close as my birthday approached. My twenties were a heck of a ride! Gosh, a third of my life and really my entire adult life. College, relocations, career […]

Design Yourself: A Guide to Program Design

I’ve spent many years following training programs. Coincidentally timed with this very post, I stopped back at my parents house over the weekend and dug out some of my old training folders, notebooks and binders. I could have spent hours going down memory lane as they brought me back to certain seasons of grind and […]

Turn Your World Upside Down

Handstands have been quite the unexpected teacher for me recently. A few years ago I began my growing interest and determination with calisthenics. I had been able to do pistol squats, pull ups, one arm push ups and other body weight movements for a while, but I wanted to take body weight training to the […]

Apr, 23 Alli McKee Recipe

Sweet Pineapple Stir Fry

  As the seasons change, I start to play around with new and inspired recipes. One dish in particular that I have fun experimenting with is the stir fry. To me, a stir fry is a fun and relatively easy way to cook up various fresh vegetables and protein—and can even include a twist of […]

Living In Strength

  Opportunities to build, polish, and demonstrate our strength show up every day in our lives. Maybe it’s a quick moment in a situation where we have a choice in our action or reaction. Maybe it’s literally in the gym, as we push for a new personal best. Or maybe strength shows up a little […]