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Author: Amber Thome

Eat Whatever You Want and Still Get Results

Eating shouldn’t suck. That may sound obvious, but let’s face it: For so many women, the very notion of mealtime brings up a ton of baggage, whether it’s the drudgery of trying to stick to an unsatisfying meal plan or a bunch of guilt and shame after “cheating” or going “off plan.” And that’s really […]

How to Add Resistance Training to a Routine You Already Love

Are you an avid yogi or runner? Maybe you’re really into Zumba, cycling, rowing or Barre classes. It seems like there are endless options when it comes to fitness, and chances are, you might be interested in adding resistance training to your weekly routine. Resistance training has gained a lot of traction in recent years, […]

Strength Training for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to training, welcome! We think that getting started with any type of fitness training is awesome (even though you might be feeling a little nervous). Being a beginner at something is an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, figure out which activities you really enjoy, and to create an active lifestyle that […]

What Is Behavior-Based Goal Setting? (And How Can It Help You Get Where You Want?)

How many times have you “set a goal,” only to not reach it and then feel disappointed in yourself? This has happened to most of us, and the problem with goal achievement isn’t usually that we “failed” or “didn’t work hard enough” — it’s that our goals weren’t clear and descriptive enough to offer us […]

Why Chasing Strength Matters

Physical strength is one component of fitness that has a profound effect on many other areas of life. You’ve probably read blog posts or articles about how strength translates into the mental and emotional aspects of life, as well as performance in work, play, and other areas. While it’s true that having some level of […]

A New Diet Isn’t The Solution To An Old Diet Not Working

That last diet didn’t go well, so you doubled down on your efforts and committed to another one — a stricter one — and that one didn’t go so well, either. So you’re trying again, with a different diet, but by now you’re feeling frustrated and disappointed… in the diet, in yourself. Does this sound familiar? […]

Why Every Endurance Athlete Needs to Strength Train

Whether you’re a recreationally competitive runner, triathlete, or cyclist, or participate in adventure races and 5Ks just for the fun of it, you may be missing a crucial component of your training plan: strength training. It’s no surprise that many endurance athletes don’t strength train. After all, many follow-along endurance training programs solely address running […]

Gymtimidation No More: How To Feel Like A Boss In Any Gym

Walking into a new gym or fitness facility can feel a little (or a lot!) intimidating for some of us. Looking around on that first visit, you see members who appear to know the gym inside and out, who are comfortable and not the least bit self-conscious. And then there’s you. Walking by with your […]

Girls Gone Strong Guide To Grocery Shopping On A Budget

At GGS, we believe that a diet that emphasizes nutritious whole foods is an important part of building a healthy lifestyle. While we would love to have unlimited resources to buy only the best foods available, the reality is that most of us have a certain budget for grocery shopping. Not to mention, many of […]